Why focus on IDF forces fighting in massages

צנחנים בפעילות מבצעית ברצועת עזה. צילום: דובר צה”ל

The neighborhood is terrorism in the Gaza Strip, and contains many headquarters and terrorist infrastructure • recent days recorded in the neighborhood several skirmishes against terrorists.

תאריך: 22/07/2014, 10:49    
מחבר: שחר רופין, אתר צה”ל

Why focus on IDF forces fighting in massages

IDF forces focus the past few days the offensive effort in the סג’עיה, which is one of the main terrorist in the Gaza Strip. The neighborhood contains an extraordinary amount of important headquarters, infrastructure and terrorist operatives.  In recent days dozens of run-ins in the neighborhood of the IDF against terrorists. “There’s more strategic assets, so save them to be pious,” an IDF officer explained to locate in southern command. So far, have been discovered in the neighborhood many of the tunnels were uncovered in the operation, and 10% of Houston Rockets to Israel left the territory. See 39 tunnels, shafts, which were uncovered during the operation, dozens of unearthed in סג’עיה, indicating extensive excavation activity. Beside the shafts, discovered a tunnel too offensive to one Israel territory.  “סג’עיה clearly is a focal point for terrorist activity in the Gaza Strip,” the IDF site call permanent intelligence officer in the southern command, Captain d.
The neighborhood built in a dense formation in relation to other surfaces, it is necessary to adjust. “Fighting it requires complex skills, this is the closest to the Israeli border with Gaza. There is an almost patim step inside, and the soldiers in the built-up areas “, Captain d.
In addition, the neighborhood is characterized by unusually close proximity between terrorist activity. “There’s a lot of deposits in civilian homes,” the officer testified.

Meanwhile, yesterday got a neighborhood terrorist objectives, 258 out of 2600 in operation.


Translated from Hebrew