With open eyes: the ttzpithnit revealed that the mega-attack at Kerem Shalom

צילום אילוסטרציה: דובר צה”ל

Long hours of observation in the focus for ttzpithnit of חמ”ל for a moment the Kerem Shalom crossing in operation” Cliff “when the trial of 13 terrorists
Through terror tunnel was foiled thanks to their vigilance.

תאריך: 03/09/2014, 15:03    
מחבר: שחר רופין, אתר צה”ל

צוק איתן

Cute phone observations at Kerem Shalom. On the other side of the line sinks little embarrassed woman’s voice. Hello? I arrived at the situation of the ttzpithnit. “Cliff” is still in progress, and the conversation sounds slightly surrealist backdrop of phone calls, planned, continual updates current operations against Soviet troops and others. “I called to tell you thanks for saving the date,” she says. “I’m married to one of the reservists were in the patrol car, the incident in which 13 terrorists infiltrated through a tunnel. If the quick identification, the vehicle could hijack RPG “.

Mates of the patrol force reserve are not the only ones who wanted to honor thanks to ttzpithnit situation during the operation, the force members came from the ttzpithnit located, to tell them how their work was significant, and that they owe their lives. On 17 July, when 12 guerrillas broke out of a tunnel in the ttzpithnit gsertan, who were at that time the situation was that thwarted the first attempt to make entering Israel territory through a tunnel.

“The incident started when I was in the midst of a brief shifts”, says Chief Deputy observations Department. “Ronnie, Commander the situation, Aisha the system see the shooter, identified by the terrorists. She called me but didn’t start.
It is obvious what it is. Looks to me like a dog raises his leg “she recovers. “When we did the zoom clear contours. What looks like a dog’s leg, as weapons.
Immediately declared an event, and the .. icdano on the image.

FEMA .. about sophisticated equipment, which enabled her to see clearly the exception. “Calmly, she built the terrorists coming out of the tunnel.
One and another one and another one. Every time we expected it to be, but they continue to go until we counted three, “says Lt. Moore. “Within a few minutes was an aircraft in the air, and we addressed it,” continues Sergeant. “The most important thing was not to let terrorists out of sight,” she explains. “The event ended minutes later when shot at tool and some fled into the tunnel.

During the operation, which usually means improved situation, and installed new cameras. Besides
This means, of course, extensive preparation made with ttzpithnit to prevent.
“We began to prepare for such an event two months earlier. There were many lessons and exercises on complex events “, indicates the officer. “The incident justifies the name.
Of the whole ttzpithnit situation in the area urging פח”ע computer (hostile terrorist activity.
S. r.), that incidents always happen in gzratno “, summarizes Lieutenant Moore with a smile. “If it wasn’t for the good work of soldiering, all year round and especially during the operation, the terrorists could try to infiltrate and prepare an ambush patrol force. We here, keeping the sector “.

Translated from Hebrew