Year to pillar: what has changed in the HFC?

תרגיל הרס של פיקוד העורף באילת. צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

חמ”ל with the IAF, precise alarms reduce the harm to the life and mobile alerts: one year after” pillar “, the HFC keeps fancier

תאריך: 14/11/2013, 10:28    
מחבר: דניאל חסון, אתר צה”ל

שנה למבצע עמוד ענן
פיקוד העורף

Year to pillar: what has changed in the HFC?

“The entire land front and army people that Ben Gurion nature manifested stronger than ever during operation” pillar “where the citizens stood in the center of the campaign.
Therefore, it was the credibility of the home front command a significant part in the operation, and last year labored lessons from him.
One of the main lessons shopeco yielded
The situation of the home front command and the air force. During an emergency event unit belonging to the iron iron dome battery is engaged in the construction of the image hits-auiimot goals by missiles and what time to impact. At the same time, give a notice of the פקע”ר
Notice to citizens, according to the time which they are committed. These two bodies and alert management center armored image (NAT) from the other side, to work jointly, the same situation during the operation.

“One of the conclusions of the ‘ pillar ‘ is sitting with not only routine emergency,” said רמ”ד warning in the home front command, Maj. Aaron Levy. “Two independent bodies
Each other when their mission is the igilloi alert and alert our wounded.
The situation of the moshtef established at the end of April, and one from the air force base.

Year to pillar: what has changed in the HFC?

The situation of the home front command and the air force. Photo Archive: air force

Meanwhile, the HFC working vigorously to reduce such areas. In the past year increased the number of control areas in the country, so that each covers a smaller area and gives an alert. The aim is to increase the number. “Beyond reducing panic and public concern, it is important that some people go to escape as unnecessarily,
To paralyse the economy, “added major. “The desire to do it selectively to try to maintain emergency procedure”.

In addition, in the current situation, all sirens in the same area are connected to each other, so that if one is threatened and starts, runs everything else too, even if necessary.  As part of upgrading such systems going on to create the all-Horn and consequently plays only in areas where there is a real danger.

Another year updated coverage for:

That changed the South.
Return to Gaza

At the same time, following the operation, alarm system upgraded. The new system will allow to determine the disproportionate threats faster. To minimize the threat and avoid areas
False alerts. It also calculates and updates some fascinating work in each area.
The HFC should be able to alert you either by hacking into websites and news channels. But developers also command the mobile alert capability. The idea is a text in the text such as ‘ you are is threatened, please enter the protected area. “Personal message is intended mainly for people who are at home and hear the sirens outside.”
Warning רמ”ד explained.

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