Years of operation: this pillar of the southern border.

גבול רצועת עזה. צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

Sending missiles from the ground, strengthening to deal with disappearing targets and increased integration of Navy: the situation in Gaza is changing • “are visible and covert activities”

תאריך: 14/11/2013, 16:31    
מחבר: שחר רופין, אתר צה”ל

שנה למבצע עמוד ענן
פיקוד הדרום

Years of operation: this pillar of the southern border.

During the past year changed the southern districts constantly face. Significant efforts to improving attitudes and skills-registered Lady on both sides of the fence. The officers still echoed the conclusions ‘ pillar ‘.
“The lessons we learned with regard to emergency and ongoing protection and we are improving all the time,” said the IDF site Commander of the Gaza Division Division, Colonel Amos priest.

Despite the relative quiet in the area, in the ten months and doesn’t look great for more than a decade, and soldiers from the southern command controls maintain constant vigilance. They are well aware of the new challenges and threats of the mtshrim. Therefore, development in southern command new coping skills. Last year some significant additional capabilities were added at the scene, only some can.

Fighting in tunnels: before the ground liquefy her mouth

But not limited to the IDF continues to refine its capabilities. Hamas has also continued to build, with an emphasis on the mining tunnels and rocket arsenal. Area continues to change. The Gaza Strip is more networked than ever before. According to estimates, the situation in Gaza has grown significantly. “The Brigade operates in every possible way to prevent terror underground” mediator, told IDF Brigade Commander site of the Gaza Division, Colonel Amos priest. Just last month the IDF uncovered terrorist tunnel opened around Kibbutz ein hashlosha, blew by special engineering forces in operation which wounded five soldiers.

Years of operation: this pillar of the southern border.

Head of underground warfare (Letham), Maj. Ilan
Me, because right now there are several different measures of development, to provide
The Israel Defense Forces a significant advantage in combat. “We are working on the development of technological measures, but at the same time perfecting both the intelligence capability,” said major to me.

Hamas gives priority to the underground in action.
Deputy Commander of the fire Center, Colonel (Res.) Doron explains that “Hamas realized during pillar’s pays to operate underground. A year ago he had to go
From the shadows to get the next missile, and today it is no longer needed.

Missiles and Iranian enterprises to GDP: production myself.

At the same time, and complete capabilities that focus on expanding the Hamas rocket arsenal and create his own, and worked to increase missile range in order to cover large parts of the country.

The rockets of Hamas continues to increase. The underground network that categorically dispatching
The steep track (תמ”ס) and a massive amount of weaponry. Hamas sees the primary tool launches pressuring Israel, and exploit the underground system to preserve this capability.

“The Organization shows that like the shooting to Rishon Lezion and Tel Aviv paralyzed all Gush Dan, and he wants to recreate this effect,” explained senior southern command. It should be noted that Hamas currently based primarily on the production of weapon-steep, given the difficulty
Tie in smuggling out boosting ingredients.

Pillar: special coverage and updates

Another conceptual change changed in command after pillar is internalizing the importance of targets that are ephemeral in place and may “disappear”. “We’re facing targets depend on time. We have developed and put to use methods that can run on a very wide scale, described Colonel (Res.) Doron.

As part of dealing with temporary purposes, part of the Navy in operation
A year ago. “The advantage is that the Navy craft can stay at some point over time, and to exploit a window of opportunity to attack,” explained Lieutenant Colonel Bruce, Chief fed in Assembly “pillar we for the first time a targeted, due for raises while the fighting. Corps demonstrated capabilities and are capable of and we continue to practice them. Following operation take even greater part. “

See the depth of deterrence. “

One of the main goals of the “pillar” was achieving deterrence. “In the past year, see the depth and credibility,” a Hamas official said the IDF site Commander of the Brigade, Colonel Amos priest.

In the meantime, in vigilance space having security duties. “The soldiers
Do covert activities and postcards to make the touch line is around the settlements, and we trust them completely commanders, “said the CAG Division makes a significant and systematic work to maintain security,” concluded the report.

Assisted in preparing the article: Daniel Hason, IDF website

Translated from Hebrew