ל”חומת shield” Decade: Jenin-snapshot

אולם הקולנוע בג’נין

The capital became prosperous, with a sharp drop in the unemployment rate, strengthening cooperation with the Palestinian security services and the development of cultural life and leisure. And all
IDF, alert to any changes in the field.

תאריך: 29/03/2012, 19:11    
מחבר: פלורית שויחט, אתר צה”ל

The pastoral to the jungle cover, צה”ליים observation ו’תלתליות Humvees. Instead of going and extends a long convoy of cars Oh, when the air is filled with notes in Arabic talks rolling. Introducing the new face
Of Jenin, 2012. Trade and agricultural city of about 5,000 cars bishia Rimming
By the weekend, mostly Israeli Arabs from all over the country who come to travel shopping.
At the central market, and dozens of cafes and restaurants that the city has to offer.

Only a decade ago the winds were far more gloomy. The city streets were martyrs posters flooded the Israelis massacred with punch legal pursuit, which promise Allah better life in heaven to believers to be murdered during the war. Terrorists specifically were declared with assault rifles on their backs, and terrorist cells were planning day
And night attacks in Judea and Samaria and in the hinterland. “Hornet’s nest”, “city of martyrs”, “the capital of terror” had many names, and everyone was Janine.

ל”חומת shield” Decade: Jenin-snapshot

On 29 March 2002, after the murderous attack at the Netanya Park which killed 30 Israelis, decided to go a step ahead of complex operation defensive shield. Terrorism overflowed the main Palestinian cities like a pressure cooker and, as the leader saw herself as the resistance against Israel, IDF had attracted many. The fighting which began a few days after opening, gory battles that IDF information since the 1980s.
Despite the operation, and the attacks continued to glide from Georgia for years after.

Today: non-discounted shopping area, a large Amphitheater, amusement park and puts a brand “Zara” Central Mall. The armed individuals around the city are Palestinian policemen, and new export c boasts it probable Zakariya zbeidi Archangel, but the singer requested every self-respecting wedding haaplat, Musa Hafez.

However, even a decade after that bow the head of terror, hatm Menashe, dominates the city, demonstrated that, despite the great success of the normalization, terrorism still spreading. “We should always maintain vigilance because given the situation, the weapons are sent back to us,” says hatm.

Palestinian security forces work to thwart attacks

The dark years of the Al-Aqsa intifada, the hands of the residents of
Janine bore blood than anywhere else. Rather defensive shield and subsequent operation have escalated the extreme winds in the city until 2005 came from Jamaica to attacks, 31 more than any other place in Judea and Samaria. All about 135 victims to the murderous attacks and mass. The Judea and Samaria Division estimate that every year, approximately 700 regional shooting attacks Monday firing. Today one rarely comes out.

“After the military pressure exerted by the guerrillas in the jungle, terrorism fled to neighbouring villages Qabatiya, arraba, Al yamun. Also the nature of attacks has changed and less organized character, of individual hazards and planning for most popular links attacks not. However, registered attempts to commit kidnapping attacks “, explains to the IDF website makes hatm senior security.

ל”חומת shield” Decade: Jenin-snapshot

The credit for the improvement in the security situation can be several factors. Apart from the operation and hermetic closing of northern Samaria with the security fence, the strengthening of the mechanisms in the city since the mid-2000s, while strengthening coordination between the Israel security authority, matured fruits. “In relation to what was previously cut, Jenin is a completely different place,” says Deputy Director of coordination, major Samir as sandpaper, “there’s a significant difference in the status of the Palestinians compared to previous years and more respect Palestinian police and their infinitely stronger.”

In looking at hatm Menashe cooperation with satisfaction. “Although the number of IDF actions
In Georgia declined sharply as a result of the cooperation with the mechanisms. We know that they won’t let the engine get attacks from the area, but it is important to remember that they encounter difficulties, “explains the security factor.

And, it refers to the Jenin refugee camp, a stronghold of the biggest terror in northern Samaria, and he still seems not far from this setting. According to various estimates, are still hundreds of weapons, held primarily by members of the Tanzim and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist organization in Jamaica as a decade ago.
The clearest expression of this is in the event that took place in the camp two months ago, when Palestinian police came into the camp. Presently, about 50 activists pulled guns and four bugs, and not required to snooping on slicks.

However, there’s no mistaking the importance of Palestinian police. For the first time in years, all subject framing a patient strongly by Shaw, not citizens are afraid to contact the police and order picker, which contributes financially. In the Jenin district is the largest concentration of the mechanisms, subject to wide and sector reserve Regiment, barracks and interval built in recent years by the Americans at a cost of millions (the Americans also are responsible for training and tmctaotam in Jordan of Palestinian national security, promise). So suddenly find themselves fighting apparatus in road accidents (successfully it must be said), instead of armed squads, are no longer part of the gang.

Unemployment in Georgia has decreased by 50 per cent within five years.

But bottom line, it seems that the lasrach jungle life ultimately Irish face. Encouraged by the Americans, the Palestinian Authority and Israel, in 2008 began first in “Janine” model that was supposed to strengthen control authority in maximum level since the beginning of the second intifada, to relieve the population
Many local security gestures — such as lowering barriers, open passages and reducing
צה”לית presence in the city.

Now a resident of Jenin almost no friction with the IDF, and if you want to get to Nablus, he didn’t run into any. Soon his family could come to visit Israel without any problem, and if he’s a merchant use jalame (Gilboa), open the crossing
Goods. The result is considerable economic improvement after the slump of the early 2000s.
“If we compare the percentage of unemployment since until today we can see a significant reduction in unemployment, which fell by nearly 50% in five years. Unemployment rate in 2004 stood at approximately 65%, and today it stands at approximately 10.7%, inter alia in the development of goods-Gilboa, near the city, “says Lieutenant רמת”ק, major a filing. Such success, brushes aspired to copy the model to other cities.

ל”חומת shield” Decade: Jenin-snapshot

Fifty thousand Jenin residents find themselves dealing in income away from dealing with terrorism. The main economy is focused on agriculture, Commerce and labor in factories, which export to the Israeli market. Moreover, in relation to recent years significantly increased the number of permits
Work in Israel for residents of the city. The Palestinian Authority and the civil administration find themselves investing in infrastructure and promoting “green city”, whether closing phamot pollute and unlawful, and if this upgrade garbage collection in the city. And if you were wondering about the town, the houses demolished “shield” has been replaced with new bricks.

In the West Bank is considered a higher class life in the city, while the lower villages around. “The population in town just to note things that touched her directly, and social protests are part of it,” hatm numbers. After the difficult years after the intifada and operation, citizen concerns is style is and be able to get a table at the entrance to the plane and some new films shown at the movie theater.
Catch more attention. “However, it is important to note that the events are close to the heart of people predisposed and vision far as we say” hatm.

Escalations in Gaza don’t even affect the security reality

Last year seems to have had enough. “September”, the reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas release Shalit prisoners and hunger strikes last detainees the open administrative components, giving, in some cases, bio. Because Hamas in Jenin is strong in relation to Pat and John following the historic reconciliation agreement not posted any changes. Moreover, “in September, although considered a process rather than a date, there were only isolated demonstrations of a few hundred people, hochlo by the apparatus. “We rely on their work, and indeed there was no leak of the demonstration outside the city. However, this scenario also consequent on, described the security factor.

Escalations in the Gaza Strip even to that made by the popular resistance committees and Islamic Jihad movement in Palestine, has no real effect on the ground, “Western Nations” spring in neighboring countries. “Cast was ב’עופרת rising graphs, but
Periodic escalations in Gaza affect almost fixed, hatm.

The greatest impact in the field can be traced to Gilad Shalit, when the rest of the changes are fanning the fire of terrorist fire Jenin. As part of the deal that freed imprisoned and leading figures, some of whom were arrested, with return to פח”עית activity. Two of them received extensive media titles-Khader Adnan, and please, both operators of the PIJ a hunger linked. The fact that residents of the area, they are widespread support

ל”חומת shield” Decade: Jenin-snapshot

And already now, there are some disturbing results. In the last three months was an increase in the number of arrests and the IDF had carried out, and the city’s record takes a turn. For the first time, gives green light for gas attacks, while the transfer to military action instead of the civilian activities of the Organization, in which he gave the focus until recently. “We appreciate that you try to prove themselves in relation to other terrorist organizations after the failed attempt in Gaza so, say.

But there’s still room for optimism, especially with the pioneers of prosperity. “If a person
A stranger walks into the jungle he sees prosperity and normal life routine, “says major a filing. Hatm in
Menashe, however, prefer to prepare always worst. “We need to maintain maximum vigilance in terms of intelligence and military operations perspective, in case”.

Translated from Hebrew