Israel Police is unique with memory of Yom hazikaron Israel 23447 and victims of hostilities, including the police martyrs who died 1450 before Israel’s unique atmshtert with memory of Yom hazikaron Israel 23447 and victims of hostilities, including the police martyrs who died 1450.

This morning (Wednesday) conducted the memorial service for fallen police.
Israel Police section at the Mt. Herzl military cemetery, the Police Commissioner.
Commissioner Ronnie alshich, the Commissioner at Gondar, Ofra Klinger, senior staff of
Police commanders and families.

The police chief spoke at the ceremony and said:

“Easy stand in an hour.
We are all alike, siren of communion, with Israel fallen soldiers.
One everything stands still,
Two minutes of silence. 20 days ago we sang the traditional song in the Passover Haggadah – enough. Not
Drive difficult questions about songs and still catch the eye: “line which sacrificed before
Mount Sinai and gave us the law-enough.

This is unpleasant to you
The ear, up the mountain and reach the stand? What is relevant enough to say about it
Already said about this witty
: Before Mount Sinai with Israel the entire camp for three days under the mountain where there “and Lichen
Israel vs. Mountain “– singular and lichen. And it said-in the heart of one of our sages.
If so, maybe that’s the answer why is enough. If you can earn three days of one man.
One heart “-enough. There three days, being “one man, one heart”.
We only have one day, one day 2 honks and cumulative minute and two minutes and in total three

These complex days
As police whose role is raising the compliance process, mutual understanding and the fight against violence, maybe
We can say enough not only for three days, but even three minutes
When we are able to feel
With one, because we go humpity-bumpity who we all lost a childhood friend: Kiryat Shmona
Kiss Member, Ben David, Beit She’an and connect
The bet zarzir.

The bereaved families, holding a large family, full colours, full of opinions
And ideals, sometimes contradictory, all stops out go all “one”. All in silence, that maybe
Just keep silence, that maybe if we start talking, we again to listen. And so we
All of us in terms of listening. Into the silence, as he
Terrible, sneaking her like slowly, feeling that we want peace, we want
This brave, relationship between Memorial Day to independence day, lean heavily on the sense of unity that we
In those few minutes. We would like to find out more
Some of these routes, where we are able to move along. Together the company considers, maintains law and order,
No bullying, no not in the Club and in the neighborhood.

Israel Police see
Itself as an influential factor on the norms of the citizens of Israel. Herb is a challenge.
Complex when police engaged in enforcement and this national challenge when engaging in community policing.
The challenges of
Homeland Security and defense, require all citizens of Israel unite for our independence. The police.
Should be used in this example.

The line of
Israel is very long, and as more and more jobs migrating to homeland security, the shoulder line.
Is unfortunately taking longer. Many of them were used for Israel citizens defensive shield. By sochcho on
Our courage, sacrifice and. We all owe them, dear, 1450-honors
And win method

Israel Police on her servants
And traditions, reflect social mosaic in the country Israel. Jews, Druze, Circassians, tones
Bedouins, Muslims and Christians, all serve together and represented in the growing list of bereavement. We knew this year. Al
Each year the sixteen names were added
Others, which have been enacted on the tablet of our hearts. No tears yet comforting. More words of eulogy for
Young life was tragically cut short.

But is this list
Sevenfold is bereavement line. Each fall the leaves behind a loving family and Hot House: parents, siblings, spouses, children, with missing.
Let the bereaved families, carrying more than the burden of pain, the space that the memories.
Agonizing accompany you night and day. To us, you represent the fountain from which has been launched,
Grew and designed the fallen, who choose to do less for their homes and their communities and to their own people.
We embrace you into
To build, support, encourage, in partnership, ensure that the memory of your loved ones and keep in our hearts
Forever. On Memorial Day, when all
This year, iminchn police, we are ready to serve you always love shoulder to lean on.

In a few days walk
Alongside police officers, fighters, volunteers and retirees in journey’s end
The Israel Police failed to Poland. The entrance to the extermination camps wearing Police Department
Israel is the height of excitement. When
Feel full on the mission, which once dear, ‘ genealogie we cherish today.
Their memory.

The way is not easy. We
And demanding task required. Israel Police, officers meet and keep an act without
To properly to implement the vision and mission. The values of law and public order, maintaining honor.
And the rights of all citizens, preserving the moment of unity of the siren and stretching throughout
Daily activity without having to play! This is a mental challenge.

The name captains, officers
Israel Police and fighters, I salute the memory of the fallen and the security forces. Salute to the family,
Gbortchm, amidtchm and daily fight against. May the memory of the fallen.

Translated from Hebrew