1 all 9 Bedouin serve in the IDF – keeps a permanent service

מיעוטים בצה”ל. צילום אילוסטרציה: דובר צה”ל

The actions of the IDF, populations Manager sends each year 450
Bedouin volunteers. Head warden, Colonel Ahmed ramis: “we are trying to bridge the gaps in their lives.”

תאריך: 11/04/2012, 14:31    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

The populations, the treatment of minority populations in the IDF, the security service law or voluntarily, to target populations in the recruitment phase, during and after their release, particularly as regards employment, integration in the workforce and the purchase of land plots for construction. In an interview to the site
IDF becomes head of populations, Colonel Ahmed ramis, first light on the various processes that are made for the Bedouin minority, which accounts for 3.5 percent of all citizens of the State of Israel.

According to official statistics of the Administration, the Bedouin populations of jurisdiction of the Administration stands at 20%. Bedouin IDF recruitment is done voluntarily and thus have fluctuations over the years, but now he is in attendance. Volunteer population as a whole underwent a significant change in recent years, with the responsibility of raising a glove education and Youth Corps for Administration.

Next to the reception, treatment and the support of the Bedouin minority in the IDF, in populations to work with foreign military officials-to facilitate the minority and the State of Israel living. The work is carried out against external factors such as the Israel Lands Administration, directing veterans, the Prime Minister’s Office, Israel Police and the prisons service. “I am going to seal the purchase of plots
The released soldiers they are minorities, mostly Druze and Bedouin. This topic remains open about 4 years, and we have to provide plots for construction self released “Colonel Ahmad, one of the main challenges of the Administration for the year 2012.

According to head of population administration, Colonel Ahmed ramis, each year the Administration recruit 450 Bedouins who choose to volunteer to serve in the IDF in March has raised about raising them. “Our intention is to expand and increase the number of Bedouins,” Colonel Ahmed. However, facing difficulties population administration. “Onions
The reality of the security situation that occurs from time to time, or in the southern regarding demolition – see drop in motivation to raise of the Bedouins, “explained Colonel
Ahmad. However, in populations never give up and try to be supportive factor for the Bedouins who want to enlist. “We are trying to bridge the gaps in their lives”, Colonel Ahmad.

In fact, in addition to these explanations, the populations to help bridge between the Bedouin population and Government agencies on the issue of house demolitions. “We are including in promoting and supporting independent, which someday will be improved for the IDF and encourage the recruitment of younger generation”, Colonel Ahmad.

These days is done working with the Prime Minister and head of the policy planning Office, Odie prwar. “We look at works to advance the treatment of Bedouins,
Escort carriers also after the liberation and building plans “, said Colonel Ahmad. Further
Therefore, ongoing work between the populations to the development of the Negev and Galilee, headed by standing the Minister Silvan Shalom. “Vice Minister, Knesset member Ayoob Kara, visited Israel a few weeks ago and discussed ways to help minorities,” said Colonel Ahmed.

Meanwhile, also assisting Bedouin soldiers released, on purchasing professions
And training and integration into society. “A lot of factors have worked to help us, even in the public and private sectors,” said Colonel Ahmed. Of these factors was appointed head of the populations in southern textile mills, factories in northern Israel security, prisons service and service
In different positions and at the border. “Israel allows police to recruit minorities
Who served as warriors, and easier for them regarding the exams before. In the Jerusalem District, for example, serve also Druze and Bedouins, “Colonel Ahmed.

According to him, the IDF distributes all released letters designed to boost cooperation.
“The Bedouin population response for assistance and guidance is high, but we need
For assistance from the public and civilian elements “, Colonel Ahmad.

Alongside managing interfaces with outside entities, to furnish assistance and integration of the Bedouin population present in positive data about the number of Bedouin who choose to sign and to continue to serve in the IDF. “about 40 to 50 people witness continues to set service each year. This indicates that one out of every nine Bedouins choose to continue
Permanent service “, said Colonel Ahmad.

Translated from Hebrew