1 August signed the Hebrew of recruitment of Quercus

Raise a companies, belonging to the underlying trend of the education and Youth Corps, basic overall custom level enhancement and learning about Hebrew
The State of Israel, its heritage and culture

תאריך: 02/09/2011, 14:20    
מחבר: תמרה בן נתן, אתר צה”ל

The summer of the State of Israel, July and August feature heavy load: heat stress and constant load. Who that recruitment office Tel Hashomer, to testify that people mass, pressure and excitement surrounding the place, not contributing to situation of moisture. The crying, the breakup of the family, next to a boil, turn to giosi controversial experience. However, a week before the summer officially ends, a cool breeze to Tel Hashomer and special recruitment: recruitment to protest.

This week the Hebrew of recruits from oak – one of the bsissii of
Education and youth. From the Hebrew raise belong to the underlying trend, which trains recruits immigrants, rovai 02 of Hebrew level improvement and strengthening the State of Israel, its heritage and culture. As part of the haiolle chain of recruits, they are conversations with emergency officers from the base, which determine the level of suitability for basic training and the course. There, after a short Hebrew test and personal conversation, they are divided into three companies
The Hebrew Squad: “Itamar” (for the Ethiopian members), “company” (Blaze Brigade
Girls) and Harel brigades “ו”כרמל “(designed for immigrants with low in Hebrew).

One by one, and hawing and excited, they were the young people get to my necklace
The haiolle. As the technical shashbim (wearing the embarrassing photo) and painful (known vaccines) are over, they sit down face-to-face with commanders, and talk. I’ve heard some terrible experiences of friends was “, says 18-year-old Jana פצ’נטוב, but so far rather give here a very good feeling. I feared I was scared not to understand what was happening around me, and I do a lot of mistakes, but I’m still scared a lot less nervous than I was – the soldiers here really helps.

Those soldiers, 12 officers, left the base and came to talk, to help boost the fresh recruits. They are going to escort recruits in basic training three weeks they expected, and a Hebrew course 10 weeks.
Lieutenant-Achilles, girls of flame “, company says it chose as a reason. “I’m very athletic,” she suggests, “and very hard.
Me think and hear about girls boot camp they are Crybabies and spoiled. I see that challenge and got personal, infiltrate some of them command self-awareness, confidence and trust. They go through some incredible experiences and this is a good opportunity for them to learn and grow from each other “.

“The IDF is building, not just the body.”

In which all the mtheilim come from cultures, languages and countries, pop up personal stories. It sat in a small room facing an unknown officer, told of life before boarding, the difficulties, the hopes and expectations of the service in one of them, is Uriel, a 20-year-old boy who immigrated to Israel last year from New York United.

“My mother is in the source, and my father from India,” a number, “both parents knew each other well in Uzbekistan, and they odecho each other and moved to New York, where I was born.” When Buffy says that he understands little Hebrew, but the connection to the State of Israel was weak throughout most of his childhood. “I had no reason to come here, we visit sometimes holidays my mom’s family, and sometimes come for vacations but I logged in here specifically,” acknowledged.

Despite the shaky relationship with the State of Israel, Uriel was sent to study in a yeshiva in New York and strengthened the relationship with Judaism. According to him, are two completely different things. “When I got here in 2010, and I went to camp for new immigrants, things started to connect.
When it comes to the State of Israel, I didn’t see it as a home or as a part of my identity, “he explains,” I’m only here a year, and as time goes on I formulate my views, there is no doubt that a significant part of this ltzba.

When Buffy several recruitment chshanein, his initial response was very negative.
In fact, he dismissed the draft as a home, and sent in the past year, the situation has changed. “I had a lot of information about the army,” he explains, “and the idea of conscription
There was something very different from what I knew from home. USA army than as a refuge for those who practice and has no ambition in life, a place to shine it in one area and the perception here is completely different. As time passed, I got to meet a lot of friends doing to combat
And interesting units and realized that the IDF is part of the youth’s design here.

When Buffy is looking forward particularly to the mental growth of her audio. “The IDF is building, and
Only a body, “he says,” I know it well now. I really want to get to one of the army’s intelligence units, I think fit her so much. In General, I have a lot of expectations from myself and from the frame, it’s a whole new world for me, but I know when I leave the other completely different person, hope good, strong man. “

Translated from Hebrew