1 November 2011 moving: increased demand for the service alive.

The nearest recruitment cycle reflects an ongoing increase in motivation for fighting: 76.2% of all handsets in the field units to serve as fighters. אכ”א head:” motivation is a source of pride and encouragement. “

תאריך: 19/11/2011, 20:13    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

November 2011 recruitment cycle for IDF field units will leave tomorrow (Sunday). Rising cycle lasting motivation for fighting: 76.2% of all handsets in the field units to serve as fighters, opposed 46.1% in November last year.

In the near future recruitment to enlist the army boys and girls destined for combat service in the units field, an array of fighting and management roles. See the embedded soldiers to serve as fighters, 93% expressed a desire to serve in combat roles.

In addition, an increase of 2% in demand to serve in infantry divisions — 52% of amtgiisim to serve in these divisions. 100% of the units field amshovatim set to one of three initial priorities, recruitment rate equivalent to November last year.
“The motivation
Of the youth to serve in combat roles, as also evident in this fundraising period.
Is a source of pride and encouragement, “said head of personnel, Maj. Gen. Ali love.
“However, it is important to remember that classes are larger than teens did not express the duty of their country and others is one serving. We will continue to operate while integrating arms
With all elements of society to increase obligation relay service “, added Mayor אכ”א.

The draft ianit: Modi’in Maccabim-Reut

By briefing military reporters last Thursday, unveils advance אכ”א that one out of four enlisted men to. 50% of medical exemptions from recruitment and others are exempt due to emotional sections. Among the candidates for security service
It turns out that 25.4 percent of the army recruits in 2011 and this is expected to rise slightly, according to the forecast to 2014.  The now claim that an ongoing increase in religious statements in tailoring, albeit in low dimensions. The scope of exemption from the conscription policy reasoned change women.

אכ”א head noted that the rate of religious Orthodox and out of a total exemption is on the rise. Those who are not religious or ultra-Orthodox, mobilizing more than ever, this is thanks to the influence of activity against those who mchirot a false statement in relation to their way of life. In now indicated that currently, about 7-8% of amchirot on the religious, they gave a false statement.

The recruitment rate of Israel’s highest recorded in Modi’in-Maccabim-Re’ut (57.4%)
And Ness Ziona (57.3%), Hyderabad (56.7%) Ariel (56.6%), Kiryat Motzkin (90%), Kiryat Shmona (54.9%) Yehud (88%), Yokneam (88%), grays (54.3%)
And Kiryat Bialik (87%).

The city of Modi’in-Maccabim-Re’ut is number one in terms of exhaustion and raising combat combat units (36.7%) And afterwards are fresh (56%), Birch (33.7%),
Ma’ale Adumim (33.7%) And Saba (32.7%)-Intel Maccabim-Re’ut also leads in relation
The percentage of officers living it (9.7%).

These data indicate that the top 10 list, no representation of cities in Gush Dan. The leading city of the district is located in Kiryat Ono 14th place out of all.
Cities in Israel. However, the Central District representation in the top ten, in 7 cities. The draft also significantly increase men in the cities of Arad, Ariel, Ra’anana, Kiryat mozkin, Kiryat Shmona and chaguanas. In recruiting women a significant increase in the cities of Ramle and Kiryat Ata.

Translated from Hebrew