Evidential formed against ten advisers suspected fraud line towards public institutions and national mshltaimiachida recently graduated police investigating
The extensive and complex affair which uncovered systematic mechanism of suspected fraud by outside consultants and suppliers
Employed in various projects, inter alia for companies and public sector clients,
The violations laundering homes and of making bribes by some men.

The investigation was conducted by a dedicated investigation section
About exposing corruption in government agencies in the national police unit, in conjunction
With investigations into the tax authority and Tel Aviv District Attorney (and taxation).

The first complaint was filed on behalf of Israel railways
And that has raised suspicion that an external consultant hired on behalf of the railway project in the industrial sector,
Promoted a specific provider of tender fee from the vendor. Later buses suspicion that method
Practiced among other vendors and consultants in this area and the investigation has been expanded to examine these allegations.

In June 2015 overt investigation began with
The detention and interrogation of several consultants and suppliers. During all stages of investigating the affair, interrogated dozens of
Involved, some of whom have been warning searches, seized and examined numerous documents and exhibits and a variety of
Investigatory actions and seized assets, property and accounts for forfeiture request.

The findings of the investigation indicated that a number of consulting companies
In the field of industrial kitchens which were hired by various entities, including public and government bodies,
His owners and managers in companies that provide services in this area and changed together the companies and bodies
Hiring their services.

According to the case acted systematically consultants and built to collect fees
In Exchange for promoting choice for implementing projects, while the superior who hired Consulting Services
And which is the project are unaware that they are committed to the Commission and rely on advisers.
We select suppliers, specifications and prices are based on professional considerations. The investigation has suspected for
The systematic and line of fraud in a number of projects and a number of public bodies
And Government.

At the end of the evidentiary inquiry form
Provides command-line execution offences including obtaining for aggravated fraud, false registration documents
Corporation, money laundering and other offenses by ten suspects – consultants and suppliers. In the case of one
The consultants also formulated the fraud offenses, evidential to commit bribery and breach of trust.
And one of the vendors also formulated evidential to commit bribery offence.

The case will be transferred in the next few days to the District Attorney’s Office
Tel Aviv (taxation and finance) that accompanies the investigation, inspection and decision. As the transfer of the investigation, moved to
Relevant insights that were gathered during the investigation and in the end, relating to processes and working methods in the context
To arrange services of consultants and third parties.

Translated from Hebrew