12 vintage drive safe, our readiness high border all the time. “

The operations officer of 80th, Lt. Col. Tal, concludes a period
Challenging Israel-Egypt border: “Fresno on route many forces and measures to secure the civil movement axis”

תאריך: 06/11/2012, 10:38    
מחבר: הדס דובדבני, אתר צה”ל

“Road trip 12. The road, which spread many troops and measures that help to secure the civil movement axis – the army is doing all it can to allow movement of civilians and safe on the road? “that explains
The IDF site operations officer of 80th, Lieutenant Colonel Tal, upon completion. After two years on the job, says Lieutenant Colonel Carmel the changes in the region, and residents of the country: “IDF ready high border all the time.

Two years ago, the main challenge post Sinai was the foreign infiltrators who had crossed the border. Over time, things changed and the main threat is terrorism. Prominent event
And he attack a year and a half ago, ein Netafim, followed by other incidents occurred, some back. The last was in September, an event which killed corporal Nathanael late diamonds Col., Carmel explains that despite the increase in terrorist incidents compared to previous years, they are still a few events. And this threat takes place and prepares 80th.

“We came across every spectrum of threats. From shooting against sniping’s anti-aircraft missiles, and
The rocket city space “, says Lieutenant Colonel Carmel. However, 80th Division has emerged in the past year and a half at a rapid rate and intensified at all levels. From incident command posts
To field units, things changed sharply. New units and powerful position, including desert commando unit “Rimon”, combat intelligence collection battalion “with” spatial Division to cut space and new West Division.

“The troops in the field are happening all plots to attack. On a regular basis, “Lieutenant Colonel Carmel and referred to the last event. “The reaction of the forces led to the event ends quickly. While one soldier was killed and wounded, but overall the powers were prepared, and responded in an excellent way to prevent more serious consequences.
This also affects the personal safety of residents of the State. The forces on the ground to secure the vehicles moving in the 80th. Therefore, the main task is to allow normal life routine and quiet to residents or citizens ranging. “If the IDF had believed that there was a real and immediate risk of any citizen who travels on the road, the route was opened to traffic. The army is doing all it can in order to allow the movement of peaceful citizens. Safe to travel on the road, “he explains.

Translated from Hebrew