158 units of IDF fighters adopted by companies

This part of the project “adopt” a warrior leader of the Association, considered the project contributing to Israel’s largest community, the circumference is 16 million shekels

תאריך: 20/06/2012, 16:52    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

This weekend will mark the occasion in the its annual tribute to “adopt” a warrior leader of society, in which the steaks all IDF combat units by all companies in the Israeli economy.

Under the project, each 160 IDF combat units by company or donor.
Way, link and embraces, with considerable financial contribution in 100,000 per year, for three years. This is in fact the largest community contribution in Israel a circumference is 16 million dollars a year in which many workers about supports and embraces with fighters, and embrace them.
Of Association noted in a conversation
With IDF website that the objective of the project is to support the regular IDF fighter using
Connection between companies and contribute to the country and the world and the IDF combat units.
The donation is forwarded to Regiment and disposal for funding social activities according to “adopt a warrior.”

At the top of the project public Committee which consists of business leaders. Beyond the financial contribution in the framework of “fighter effort relationships expressed in joint activities of workers and fighters, the fighters in vacation special” framework, integrating veterans in joint work for the community and more.

Since 2005, the army transferred the project approximately 72 million shekels. In addition to other contributions transferred money and goods totaling approximately 1.4 million.

Benny Gantz, Chief of general staff, said that “the strength of the project is able to touch every Warrior and fighter, a real way of giving that present and future better for our warriors. “In today’s army is reflected as a mirror of society and gives solutions to the needs of the fighter combat units make us army attached to company which he grows for warrior. This is actually a partnership and adopt into our hearts. “

Translated from Hebrew