169 cycle graduates of the course received wings

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The Chief of the Air Corps activity in recent years, saying that “we submitted, and mainly saw with our own eyes the many tasks it ashiitchm”

תאריך: 25/12/2014, 18:56    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

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Order wings ceremony “was held today (Thursday) at the IAF base at premises with flight wings were graduates of the aircraft. The ceremony was held in the presence of Prime Minister of Israel, Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister, Mr. Moshe (bogey) Ya’alon, Chief of staff, General Benjamin (Benny) Gantz, and Commander, air force Maj. Gen. Amir Eshel.

The event greeted the Chief course graduates. “The establishment is nervous unto a straight line of professionalism and professionalism in the force that attracts the Corps more summits of achievement,” he said. “We learned and that we have been indoctrinated in wars of the past. We saw with our own eyes that the operation Moses and Solomon in the center of this ceremony, and has continued throughout the past few years, which was the air force strategic attacks IDF and leading the State of Israel. “

This is an order of wings as Chief of general staff have confirmed “Gantz, submitted particularly saw with our own eyes that this ashiitchm many jobs over the years, and distant tasks,” he revealed. “I’ve been tested and I tell you.
This is a flexible and air force the best I ever saw, and I saw “.

Graduation concludes three years of job training officer, pilot training and a college degree
Ben-Gurion “University”. Starting next week will course graduates, who are now members of aircrew, in various squadrons of the IAF and continue the training of operational pilots and navigators.

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