1997 Israeli helicopter disaster: the changes after the accident.

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Sixteen years have passed since the disaster, heavy air disaster in Israeli history since the air force develop warning methods and new security measures aimed at preventing the next accident.

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Heaviest disaster who knew the air force took place on the night of 4 February, 16 years ago exactly; Two CH-53 helicopters collided with each other in the northern sky, while warriors flew the Division and other units from South Lebanon. One of the helicopters crashed in she’ar yashuv and two crashed in an open field near Kibbutz Dafna, in an accident that claimed the lives of 73 soldiers.

Following the 1997 Israeli helicopter disaster, is Defense Minister Yitzhak Mordechai that Gen. David ivri to head the Commission of inquiry into the circumstances of the accident. Following the conclusions of the Committee, air force major changes and lasting in the helicopters, the training processes and the training. Among other things, the Committee that developed the very helicopters and applied to adjust itself and update perceptions of control, training and development of military equipment of the helicopters. Therefore it was decided to establish a separate aerial would be responsible for
The world of helicopters. Flight limitations exacerbated, especially in training with infantry forces, which States that the helicopters will fly higher.

“Many ideas, some of which were encrypted with totally imaginary”

Also, after the accident, hundreds of civilians approached IAF and suggest ideas to prevent accidents, warning against the conflict and safety measures. “Many ideas, some of which were encrypted in a completely imaginary, but some of the ideas Barry and we examine them seriously,” said Remy, then Lieutenant Colonel Chief safety safety class and the IAF (Beck). Indeed, after the accident, the air force key in a comprehensive process of improving aircraft safety measures: crash-resistant fuel tanks, black boxes, upgrades the autopilot system and warning systems.
In addition, it was decided to purchase the Simulator allows complex training helicopter pilots in extreme situations.

“I think this is a very significant milestone for the array,” said Brigadier General David magazine before Barki, who stands today on the head. “I don’t know if the disaster was
The most significant point in the history of the helicopters, but he certainly forces us to look at how we’re going and how we prepare people. These were major changes.

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