2 warriors, 1

הצוערות ועקנין וקצב. צילום: ענבר פישר, זרוע היבשה

Both fighters came to Commission an operational role in the South – intelligence gathering to combat Egypt border: “bring something else to the battlefield.”

תאריך: 02/11/2013, 18:18    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל

קורס קצינים
פיקוד הדרום
איסוף קרבי

Israeli society is still not used to hear about girls who decided to sign.
Another year regular service. Both package and moved to duffel bag in combat roles,
For all the physical and mental challenges of using them. Cadet of light cotton trend and Cadet vaknin, the Aries woman warriors in combat intelligence collection has been completed for wonder and moramot brows, just as they used to and the dust of the ground.

2 warriors, 1

After a course of ordinary women and מ”כים course, last week on the orders of the extension 1, finish the course’s exciting officers.
Of them, shteichotan to womanhood is the last thing you need stop in Aden. On the contrary, remarks Cadet vaknin-actually has advantages to women when it comes to the role.  “We conduct intelligence gathering and it requires a lot of patience,” she says.
“A lot of times to build more patience and more attentive, and tossing about being a fighter,” she added collection.
These unique benefits not only the roles collection. Cadet, graduating class of 1952 as one of two warriors in vine, confirms that even in her role as infantry fighting Caracal battalion is
The unique contribution of warriors. “I know it’s not all a girl can do it, and that truly requires a certain strength,” she notes. “But I believe that might have to do combat service. Girls have to fight because they bring something else to the battlefield, looking at things differently. “

2 warriors, 1

Cadet pace, becoming a commander in the Caracal battalion

The decision to serve as fighter did Cadet in time rate its utility within the nucleus
According to her נח”ל, she decided to join the Karakal without hesitation too. However, as with any decision that goes against the current, accompanied to the point quite a few concerns. “I was scared a little bit how the environment responds to that, because combat evils to go wasn’t that awareness
Of warriors, and look at it a little crooked, “says cadet rhythm. “It’s not
Sounds easy to be on the ground and make things difficult physically, but it felt like something I needed to do. As boys reaching the age of 18 and nobody asks them if
They want to be gut-I also think a girl should be a fighter if she feels she can do, “she stresses.
Cadet vaknin approached for Warriors
Grade 12, more out of a desire to serve in a role that includes physical challenges. In the same year she has not passed the consolidation but did not gave up and tried it again while she went to prep school.
“I wanted a job that is physical and can control,” she says. “She had lots of fears – off, other girls, physical incident command posts and abachns. But even in the officers training and eventually pass it, and the people who help and support, “says cadet vaknin.

Likemy humps the stretcher satisfy retention position just like the men.

The port Commission was the step required for Cadet vaknin, also because the horizon command. She went to a course of willpower to be educational, character and influence the long-term and close to those who are the citizens of tomorrow. The course is made in the environment, but the male was only one warrior trend. At the same time, Cadet vaknin says the boys often had difficulty getting used to the situation. “We were with מ”כים course there also already started to connect and understand the concept, “she remembers. “They had completed a little awkward at first and they don’t understand that we’re supposed to do it all — be in a position to carry the stretcher. Gradually they came to us and they were running tests with us and help us. ”
She tells about the gradual internalization.

2 warriors, 1

Cadet Talia vaknin, who becomes Chief of Regiment combat collection

Also, rate the cadet course cadets in the company of officers from various divisions alive, emphasized that after a certain period of time has been not even feel the difference.
“At first it was kind of weird to be out with the boys, especially, because we already have.
After a brief period to do things together will no longer feel the difference and the difference it makes to be natural, “she says, adding that” one of the things I liked about the regiment was combined with the boys and girls, is working amazing. “
After the revolution, tried to create the same feeling for the soldiers them Pakada. “Are in the same situation and have to trust each other. I went because I wanted to take leadership over one step ahead, to be responsible for more soldiers and a regiment. It wasn’t an easy decision but I did it, “she stresses.

Lead and shape an opinion section

Now, after you finish the course, officers expect to combat the cadets completing hailit and then back to a battalion officers. Cadet vaknin is expected to return to team headquarters in Egypt border battalion, sector which have recently become increasingly challenging
More “Because things are heating up and be more interesting to have a desire to come back,” she says. “We learned a lot about how to improve the team and company, and there’s no better time than to strengthen professionalism and to learn to make better intelligence,” she States.
In the expectations, says cadet vaknin: “I expect myself to be able to be a good team headquarters, to understand, to be attentive to any one of them and to educate and professionally. The biggest challenge in this sector to put the team on a mission, that the sector was very quiet in the last few years and it is difficult to keep operational voltage. In our sector it from zero to 100 — usually alone and suddenly someone comes and goes to shoot. Therefore must be ready at all times “.
It seems also her rate back to battalion Cadet full energies and desire to make a difference. “I don’t know what happens.
My job, but I want to be acting, “she says. “My desire is to bring the pride Regiment, sometimes a little lacking, and to contribute to the development of the troop determines Cadet vaknin. “This battalion very young new things happen all the time. We
In the process of formation, and I want to be part of the design of the Regiment, “she agreed.

Translated from Hebrew