2010:7,740,381 hits Palestinians Mayo to Israel

צילום ארכיון: חגי הירשפלד, ‘במחנה’

According to data collected from “closure” positioned across Judea and Samaria could have precise control allows Israel to track illegal stay and figure out which transitions require streamlining

תאריך: 10/01/2011, 13:12    
מחבר: תמרה שביט

7,740,381-this is the number of times who entered in 2010, Palestinians to Israel State, full approval. Among them include workers, farmers, medical patients, families, visitors and critics are imprisoned.

The ability to issue a number of incoming and outgoing system exists due to closure of Judea and Samaria Division. The existing system from April 2009 and is functioning from October of that year, allows the documentation and from the occupied territories to Israel and vice versa. All across and beyond the sector placed computers in it.

“Until a year and a half ago, there was no monitoring of entrances and exits. You know how many permits were issued, but not in practice runs and how, “explains causes Division. “Now we have unprecedented control capability. You can learn where and where not move around a lot, where it is important to streamline, where should you invest your funds. In addition, you can tell who is indeed back, and who stayed in Israel when staying illegally.

About -52,000 permits are issued annually to stay in Israel. Civil Administration issued them according to the needs of each request: some are requested to come back every day to eight, some of them dating to week; People are allowed to hang out all over the country, and that only in a hospital environment where they are treated or only in farmlands.

“Whoever comes back once-warning. After three warnings, sanctions. Revocation of permit for two or three days, for example, “he explains. “Because of the sanctions, began last year to improve. People want to go, you want to keep. Just don’t pay them to act contrary to law. “

“No Palestinian farmer or not punished if uncertainty”

The system is still not perfect. The data entering Israel completely accurate, but the data back in d. There are two main reasons.
The first is human error: not all feed always passes everything, not always properly. Entering Israel entered automatically when the soldier at the permission (using a smart card or biometric testing, to streamline procedures), but on the way back to loose data.

The second reason is the difficulty in documenting the crossings closed. The border crossings – small, cater to switch tractors and local residents-are committed through the pass that again. Therefore, it is possible to verify. The closed crossings, however.-huge breaks for goods, vehicles and thousands of workers-passing can again from the past which are objects. The bright-idea based on a quality of life, but harder.

Daily, Division report on the previous day. “Our goal is to control as much as possible, to find as soon as possible the gaps”, highlight “Division but also Palestinian farmer or not punished if there is certainty.
In cases where the entry and exit data not overlap and it seems that it was a mistake, we’re not thinking twice. Prefer to give rather than punishing sanctions, rather than punishing “.

Translated from Hebrew