21 to front command: “found elsewhere in terms of means and capabilities”

אל”ם סבטי, במרכז. צילום: דובר צה”ל

Technological development, defense against unconventional weapons and cooperation with authorities; The Commander of the search and rescue unit in charge, tells about the founding and future moments of command between the mtatot scenes.

תאריך: 04/04/2013, 10:09    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל

The HFC celebrates its anniversary this month, has become a new body.
And citizens, a significant part and parcel.  The development of command over the years witnessed Colonel Sveti rmatin-control and rescue unit and national head of law and development, and the highest ranking officer in the HFC “ש”גדל.

Colonel Sveti, Matchday 1 of course search and rescue officers, serve in the HFC
For 20 years, taking an active part in the establishment. “I came to the home front command in 1993,” he says. “In the past two years been part of the establishment of the units. If you look 20.
Years, you can see that today the HFC is elsewhere in terms of means and capabilities, the professional level of the soldiers. The home front command has its own identity. Once all the command comes from other forces, today soldiers enlist regular troops, remain in command and enter the reserve units.

21 to front command: “found elsewhere in terms of means and capabilities”

Battalion fighters of the HFC. Photo: Dana Petrov, IDF website

The youngster managed to go a long way in recent years, which established his status as a body that combines construction and operation of power. During the past decade also established four regular search and rescue brigades that are subject to charge and are used as regular infantry brigades.
In addition to building the soldiers were training members of the home front command to participate in many search and rescue missions in various countries around the world, including Turkey, Haiti and Japan. Scenes of destruction and disaster in the world, it was possible to identify soldiers with orange caps who have done everything they can to assist the local population. “The best drive for me event was the first earthquake in Turkey in 1999, Colonel Sveti, which took part in many amshlhot. “Although during the years I have participated in many events and learned
Every one of them, it was the first time I met these dimensions of destruction, damage and casualties “.

21 to front command: “found elsewhere in terms of means and capabilities”

Rescue training, IDF archive

According to Colonel’s Sveti, Israel’s willingness to launch rescue and relief missions to other countries in the world has transformed the field of search and rescue in the home front command to one of the best and most developed in the world. “By getting these areas we were able to save lives, but also help in international relations and to gain experience,” says Colonel Sveti.

But although the HFC is already in the forefront in the protection area, and rescue squad, men not going to stop. According to Colonel Sveti, years implemented focus on working with the authorities and cooperation with civilian officials and upgrading technology in detection and protect against unconventional weapons.
Also Colonel Sveti himself not planning to say goodbye to the Orange command any time soon – this summer is expected to accept command of the school search and rescue. “After 20 years in charge obviously part of me, I was here from the start of construction, and as far as I’m concerned he grew and matured together with me,” he testified. “The home front command is very unique because it allows access to things that other places have no army, such as working with the civilian population. It also gives a very great satisfaction that you realize that your command is used for civilians.
Insurance certificate for each case. “

Translated from Hebrew