24 hours with an armor battalion

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Those who do not grow in the armored Corps, will struggle to understand, on the one hand they catch line
By foot, train regularly fighting with tanks || A glimpse into everyday life in 77 shrionerim protects Israel border in Jericho.

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מחבר: אור גינזבורג, אתר צה”ל

חטיבה 7

One of the things that characterize armor Regiment is the unique atmosphere. “If you grow up in armored Regiment of the Corps all feel at home,” says MM 77 tour company, Lieutenant Steve maples. IDF website decided to verify this, and joined the Regiment in Jericho 77
And the North Sea.

While the daily challenges that all IDF fighter farm, growing unique dynamics
Only the 7th armored brigade. “We’re happy to be here, and sometimes even give up time with friends from home on weekends to meet and become one if the two,” says Sergeant Brown.
“There is something everyone can understand armor, especially our activity creates special companies just we know, built in brigades phenomena years and also a legacy 7th armored brigade and battalion”.

When you enter the base “Nebo”, near the city of Jericho immediately feels that someone is there: flags, drawings on the walls and painted with the battalion and company logos. Although a temporary base, different brigades fighters think they can feel them rather than personal and homely aspect.

Don’t give up on the tanks.

Those who do not grow in force, may be mistaken that armored warriors are in the tank, but just like every Warrior, tour operations, arrests and foot saves all
The country borders. The legs, as they occupy now, they call “infantry” line.

Despite the remoteness of tanks, the division commanders try to expose fighters as possible.
To contact them. “In training we prepare us to get infantry line, but it’s not what you expect after you’ve learned to operate a tank,” says a fighter Regiment, Sergeant Tomer Brown. “A tank is a machine if you don’t spend it, don’t sweat it and like it, you won’t be able to run it properly.

One of the solutions to maintain the qualification he bounces. In the past, wondering for instance, surprised the fighters with a drill in the Golan Heights. The exercise in the smoke and included also cooperation with infantry forces, and mortars. “Because of the long period in which we never touch tanks, it was important for us to exercise the battalion activated suddenly required to report immediately to war,” explains c. 77, Lieutenant Colonel opens norkin.
“The transition between operational employment 911 requires a lot of effort the infantry and also
Media flexibility, “he added. The exercise mainly shooting in a built-up and close and focus
Infantry and vehicle targets.

“Today everyone understands as the patrol brigades fighters grew on the armored Corps.”

A year ago, went into a new regiment company – the company that helps (פלמ”ס). “The company that gives a different angle see tanks,” explains Lieutenant Zahavi.
“We are going a few miles before the tanks and see where they could go and if you need to add a iplaso engineering forces. We also provide additional firepower so
Can close quickly fire circles “specification.

Although she felt from new, almost entirely in the regiment. “At first we were looking for insight and so understand the role,” says Lieutenant Zahavi. “But now everyone understands that we are warriors who grew up on the same values and I believe that the best way ashtalbno.

Translated from Hebrew