24 hours with Egypt Israel border Warriors: “no tricks”

לוחמי הנח”ל במוצב. צילום: הדס דובדבני, אתר צה”ל

What was once the border of yawn, has become the forefront of prevention of terrorist and criminal incidents. IDF website-Egypt Israel border came out to meet the Warriors not getting alert.

תאריך: 23/03/2012, 17:24    
מחבר: הדס דובדבני, אתר צה”ל

24. Sands, and in the lives of the fighters guarding us incessantly, in the cold of the desert night and the heat only. Combat soldier’s life looks like. Without masks (except Camo), on the border of Egypt. Months they come every dawn, and 12 hours or
24, onto the bed and the room he world for weeks.

Time: Wednesday, March 7, two days before eliminating Zuheir Al Casey Halloween 2012.
Place: Egypt border post, in the dunes.
Human capital: the power of place.
The beginning: as always, the food.

Going out into the field.

12 you can smell in the air, the chicken and rice from the pop-up. As you approach the building, the smell gets stronger and the music that emanates from the kitchen – Oriental song, or snake fish. Stack silver glimmering from hamgshity
Empty the Sun till aplorosant overrides the kitchen light. The company logo, company logo Deputy Rabbi (neuter) and the kitchen hot Pack the food into boxes and aluminum sealing them before escaping the heat. Soon will pass near the base.
Border patrol vehicle and collect all packets – lunch area warriors – and share them between posts. But by then, the soldiers bmotzb (the few that are not) decide in hunger and red cabbage salad with chickpeas.

The military said 13 stops at the entrance to the base. Ceramic vests and helmets peeping out. Quick hands of replacement hamgshity, bread, water and land. The powers are spread throughout the stands, watching that no hostile activity against advanced works to build a new fence. Can you guess what, “Hourglass”. In the meantime, they have many hours to try to imagine. The white removable plastic forks for lunch in the area being of tractors. Once the embryos, laden with weapons, helmets, vests and desert wind and cold on the first day of the season.

14 the scope goes into action. Between the dunes and the sands of the Egyptian soldiers will be small group walking in a straight line. Within minutes these rookies and no turns. Before the Warriors awaken, it is known that the border is thin
And dangerous, but they’re really not scared. Skill is the watchword and they kiss.
Their best. Even the pillow at night.

The dark hours of the morning until the evening hours they offer. A bunch of soldiers talking to herself over and over again, until you return to base where they talk some more, go take a shower and talk about life and then before bed someone will yell a bit quiet that we can talk to him man.

2:20 pm some time passes, and especially not. For months they go to space or patrol the border. Exploring sector, swinging open (or Humvee
In an armored personnel carrier) and look into the sand. Platoon commander moves different commands to soldiers or
Company and commands go Egyptian bike crosses the area. “I’m not a soldier activity not feeling well, and you should not feel bad about it,” says platoon commander on soldier patient deliberating upon one of the other soldiers his job or endanger health. “You get some rest and be fine, relaxing from the
The Warrior.

16 ATV event approaching the border. Contacts celebrates.

6:00 pm for dinner not few forces on patrol or other operational standing at the center of one of the companies and the hungry.
Combat songs with lots of beads, some words and enthusiasm in shouts and applause. In the background is playing stops. The overheated during the sunset of the Sun, the alerts raised – 48 hours before eliminating Zuheir Al-Qaysi knowing on Saturday reached base. So sing a little, smoking a cigarette or two and to laugh.

While the soldiers, the army’s operations, and they say ‘ Goodnight ‘ to vest and helmet for a few hours sleep.

PM dining room plays the music of knife and fork at dinner.
West of looaach and Couscous. Above the blue plates out what is stored inside the Peck anyone’s mental Food came out. Only one class can decode all
The good, bad, funny and alive. Religion, family, immigration, religion, life, death, cigarettes, alcohol, grouping, matriculation, tattoos and guitar (because it always ends
In music). Life – but, successively.

20 order of Crimson. All escorts at posh, helmet, knees, and West and Ted like battle. The alert has been less background noise. Can you smell it and not just because of the curfew. “For this we alert here for months. The alert is full, full qualification, “says Commander to soldiers on alert, the name Al-Qaysi further warned them/.

8:50 pm back to normal, but the smell in the air like gunpowder after shooting – you can feel it, you can try to ignore and continue to run normally. The whole company cleans herself to know: toilets, weapons, showers, Shep and cartridges or making vests and jackets.

After closing the company overnight. On the camp spread Moon and shining star company.
The rooms are closed in themselves. One shower, one trying to watch a movie on your laptop, iPhone game one and two in a telephone conversation with the company. How was your day, what’s new, lower your voice at the others and I miss “articles” or “I love you” or both. Another talk with my parents to relax and try to explain what they’re doing without having to explain too much.

They pass “צ’וקולוקים”: cereal, snacks and fun, sitting over a bag and stuff (of course). Fighters, friends and brothers. Those job requirements, including joint intensity sometimes leads to friction, they are together and the way it is. And once someone comes out of it is crazy and waiting to come back already.

The Warriors fall asleep in seconds. Years in the army taught them to close their eyes and enter
Sleep with the light, the Sun, cold, or heat. Because they are real fighters.

Warriors and soul

5:15 am wake up. Some of the tours or works on the security fence. Ten minutes before the situation when the rampant illegal immigration of refugees and migrants. The post was mixed in soldiers who slept in my shoes and grab new citizens to ensure they are not terrorists and other organized toward bordering Egypt saves. Some still escaped from the task it had all night.

9. Sliced vegetables, eggs and cheese. And, of course, that this dessert at every meal. After lunch the kitchen washing
, Blue separator (dairy) to red (meat) and spending quality time with SOAP-dish ה”קליר” IDF’s famous or “Dana”.

9 who are less attracted to vegetables and egg started cleaning.
Surface area but military discipline. The morning brings men to brush in red shoes dance scraped knees (Paz), shaving, emptying trash cans, mops, rakes, brooms. In plants, the company cultivates cactuses and other plants.
The planter of “mortar” planted Sage, a planter of 5.56 mm ball “has cacti. Israeli-style recycling plants are bought on the way back from 12 after drove them following the attack in August. So, as a souvenir.

10:30 am preparing to order equipment for entrepreneurial activity in light. Meanwhile, thoroughly clean the machine gun types, the fighters talk.
Some numbers on the information they know about each other for a year and a half. Age class, carrying sophisticated missiles and backs threaten, consists of individual soldiers who built a Department with a heart. Each surname (zip, Khouri, ndsta) unless he was born there in view (Michael Arad, Muscari). While cleaning the weapon they also cleanse the heart

12 order of glowing Green Berets flag backdrop.
In another day or so eliminated members Secretary and they are ready for any scenario.
The Lone soldier, unrepentant, rising, it struggles to reach Israeli and select
In combat with the heart and then handed sweat and blood in training, everybody goes to the dining room for dinner.
Lunch. Hamgshity packing, filling trays and close 24 hours from within.
The soldiers will return soon and ashmirot, cleaning, more more more saves code words about and to build “Hourglass”. And again the entry of infiltrators,
Operationally, to vest and armored vehicle’s ride.

If there’s chocolate and hard. They know they’re there for a purpose, which becomes more important every day.

Translated from Hebrew