25 years of Hamas’s terrorist

Maj. Guy aviad, a researcher in the Department of history and a specialist on Hamas, talks about the Organization’s relationship to Iran and relations across the global Jihad, and tells the history of IDF fighting him.

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מחבר: עידן סונסינו, אתר צה”ל

In charge of various entities, Operations Directorate, and, of course, that the IDF and the security system night and day gathering extensive information on the terrorist organization Hamas. Beyond intelligence information to build a Bank of targets “to prevent attacks, the role of various factors is to conduct extensive research and to familiarize yourself with any organization
Sides and to better understand the enemy. But major guy aviad רמ”ד, training in the history, this is much work by Hamas. “Since I was 15, with the founding of Hamas, I pick out of personal interest information about the Organization,” says Maj. aviad. For years he continued to explore with the tptachoiotav and the piguaio against Israel, murderous and after a long day of answering queries on the historic campus, it will continue and intensify bedtime book in addition to the organization. As part of his research, he wrote “the Hamas lexicon” published by the Ministry of Defense.

With 25 years for Hamas this month, Maj. aviad retiring before the IDF website, perspective, key points in the history of struggle in Hamas and how
The Organization became the enemy of Israel.

“Hamas finds the law by Israel two years ago after his ב87 phase, but its history much more profound,” says Maj. aviad, referring to the Muslim Brotherhood, the Palestinian terrorist organization built from. “The signs of violence that you design
Hamas appeared before the official Herald.

In 1983 the Palestinian moga, were headed by Ahmed Yassin, leader of the Muslim Brotherhood that would become a few years later to his founding of Hamas and terrorism. “The Mujahideen” began to recruit operatives and weapons, aslik and formed the first example with military cells in Al-Qassam, the military wing of Hamas. Three years later established a mechanism of Defense al-Majid, who was responsible for ל”אכיפת Islamic lifestyle”.

Leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood the Palestinians decided to adopt and establish the Hamas (Islamic resistance movement), with the outbreak of the first intifada, and the progress the Organization was escalating the violence. “High-intensity plant toppled during the intifada, sophisticated and daring attacks, more violent and more traffic, and makes the entire intifada together.”

At this point, says Maj. aviad, the IDF and the security system, not dedicated to religious organizations so the amount of resources spent fighting the fire gods, “replacing the disk. They realize that Hamas is no less worse, and his religious extremism could make it much worse too.

Official sponsor: Iran

In the years that followed, the IDF fought Hamas in broad waves of arrests, that appropriate on terrorists.

“One of the founding events happening in 1992, Hamas רמ”ד tutorial explains.
“Israel decides to expel 415 Hamas members during Flash to South Lebanon. In practice, this was the first opportunity for Hamas officials to establish contacts with operatives in Judea, which until then had been broken. It was a real bonding seminar “. But the main thing
In the period of the Organization in Lebanon, was the establishment of contacts with Hezbollah, which runs later to provide sponsorship to Iran.

“The relationship between Hamas and Iran grew in tremendous shape in recent years. The initial context is created after Hezbollah began to provide training to exiled Hamas officials to Lebanon, but the relationship was loose because Hamas is distinctly and Sony power in Iran is a Shi’ite, “explained Maj. aviad, clarifies that after the assassination of Ahmed Yassin, the picture gets the ismistic clench. “The dam broke and created a significant breakthrough. From 2004 the cooperation takes place between Hamas and Iran, expressed in the joint training of Hamas and Hizbullah, the smuggling of weapons into Gaza and an extensive financial support. “

Maj. aviad indicates that following the civil war in Syria and Hamas’s Damascus, even created a rift between Iran and Hamas, who now prefers other terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip to fight Israel. “Hamas has largely left the axis of evil and to be a terrorist organization, in Exchange for Iran hits financial support and the smuggling route, to the Islamic Jihad and Hamas.”

Hamas is trying to rehabilitate sleeper cells bio

In the second intifada, Hamas was responsible for the terrorist attacks more difficult to beat in the heart of Israel, Gates recruited sophisticated engineers and encourages the cult of death.
To lead to brutal suicide attacks routinely. The tightened its grip on Gaza, and the IDF went to intensive operations almost every day, “defender”, climaxing to the crushing Hamas in the West Bank. Since Hamas was trying to rebuild and activate sleeper cells in different areas in Judea and Samaria, but the tight grip of the Israeli military in preventing. Hamas activities there.

In Gaza City, as we know, the situation is completely different. “Hamas wants to exploit the situation created in preparation for the disengagement in Gaza and began to organize his terror squads to institutionalized military wing, and, for example, regional divisions. They take advantage of it after disconnecting for violent revolution (the violent coup of Hamas against the Palestinian Authority stopped in 2007.), and become the undisputed control of the territory.

Hamas continues to try to send his terror from Gaza closed to Israel as a rocket, and the IDF goes by the political echelon to the round after round of terrorist organization.
Smaller rounds reach peak in the form of cast lead when shahamas kidnaps.
With 700 activists dead. “Hamas orta, but at this point keeps on building capacities
As we saw in the pillar, “says Maj. aviad. “Hamas tried to extract lessons from cast-planted such as his earth rocket system”. From the destroyed hundreds of IDF launching a cached credentials are used by ב”עמוד”.

The global Jihad and Hamas

One of the challenges coming in the form of increased exports in recent years, is a terrorist, slpistis streams connected to the global jihad.
“The global Jihad, for instance in the form of a spistim, is a challenge to Hamas.
Today, Ma’mun attack from Egypt and the response will be, because we see Hamas makes the Government responsible for any terrorist activity. This was for example the situation in
Ein Netafim in August 2011. The subversive activities of the spistim leads Hamas military response, but Hamas shows in which undermine their stability, Hamas can humiliate sleeves and fight for power. ” The example specifies global Jihad organization named Maj. aviad ג’ונדאללה. “Hamas had instructed the military to RAID a mosque
In Rafah which advocated their Sheikh, and hitting the mosque, destroyed it completely, without any
Religious scruples, and delete from the map “. After creating deterrent “pillar” noted Rousseau champion that see clearly that Hamas prevents more extreme factions to fire at Israel.

As mentioned above, the final step in Hamas’s war was a “pillar” of the terrorist infrastructure in the Gaza Strip. “Pillar, Hamas will try to rebuild the military
Its as fast as possible and to repair damages, estimated Maj. aviad. “He tries to better aslik arrays, overcome the” iron dome “. The eyes of the security forces continues to be open over Gaza.

In 2013 get a Second Edition, revised and updated the lexicon of Hamas “by aviad, published by the Ministry of Defense.

Translated from Hebrew