30 grenades seized during arrests in ancient times

In the area are the violent disturbances in which wounded one soldier and a border police officer in אג”ם:” some of the protesters are doing whatever they can to hurt the troops. “

תאריך: 13/05/2014, 19:06    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל

חטמ”ר Samaria exist the day before the arrests in the village, in order to stop the uprising leaders violence that occur in the country each week. During the operation, were arrested and 10 fruit uncovered 30 grenades that were taken from the scene of the protests.

Grenades were found in the homes of activists from the Palestinian security forces. “The goal was to prevent the factors that initiate and fanning the breach, as well as to suppress violence at the demonstration,” the IDF site חטמ”ר agenda officer, Maj. Timothy y. “Grenades that they found grenades, taken from the IDF apparently to sideways and abuses in the us”.

The earliest demonstrations are held every week since 2009, protest blocking an access road to the village that runs next to the Jewish settlement of Kedumim. The road has been blocked as a result of
Ancient residents hurt Israeli civilians who were traveling on the route, and now residents of the village
Take a long detour.

Hatm Samaria officials tried to reach a compromise with the villagers, and offered to open an alternate way shorter than the original, but the village refused to offer.
“The existing technical demonstrations, which require the protesters to open passing traffic
In ancient times. On the other hand, it is also a demonstration with political context for the artists organized by political factors, major y camps.

In addition to ongoing protests in ancient weekly violent violation with throwing stones. According to the cause almost every week a soldier or policeman was injured as a result of a stone. Hatm in Samaria emphasize the existence of legitimate protests, but not violent disturbances.  “There’s some gentle protester paraded neatly and plays his voice in legitimate protest, but a part of violent people who do whatever they can to hurt the soldiers, said Maj. y. “We stopped the main violators, and probably will be arrests. We hope it will prove itself, “concluded.


Translated from Hebrew