30 the rest: keep prepared for command

התרגיל החטיבתי של הנח”ל, החודש. צילום: אורי שיפרין, דובר צה”ל

The Division rests indicates these days 30 year anniversary. The Division made by existing battalions at the beginning of the war, the rest day in the core operational activities of IDF reviewed regimental exercise

תאריך: 17/06/2012, 10:19    
מחבר: פלורית שויחט, אתר צה”ל

Three decades ago it was completely imaginary mirror: the Division rested, today one of the most respected divisions of the IDF, celebrates 30 birthday.
And there is cause for celebration. The Division made by Union troops present in vague period of the Lebanon war, rests today continues to gain popularity among recruits, and to prove that despite the relatively young middle age ethos appeals, is here to stay and fight.

In recent weeks in intensive training division in the Golan Heights and the Jordan Valley in order to strengthen their preparedness for war scenarios, with emphasis to collaboration and arms to cross a continuous physical effort. Written record of regimental exercise, led by the Chief of the new regiment, Colonel Yehuda Fuchs. The exercises were conducted after combat employment consists in the Gaza area and the future operational employment at one of the affiliated lines-Judea and Samaria.

Thirty years later, luxurious operational successes, failures and numerous coelenterates
Many signals war on the dash are tired old olive of the Division, can be determined with certainty that the “Brigade” experiment, crowned a success.

30 the rest: keep prepared for command

And history

Lebanon war that broke out in June 1982, brought to understanding that regular infantry forces are missing, but the divisions alive. So it was decided to incorporate
Existing infantry battalions, including the Parachute Regiment who was subordinated to the paratroopers brigade (and became basalt “troop of the Division in the late 1980s), the regiment” Shaham “spatial North command, the” granite “spaces of central command and Geddes became official only Regiment in 2001, although his reconnaissance team was established with the founding of the Division. Head Brig. Gen. class Division res Badr, for his blessing. Later prominent officers elected to lead the young Brigade, including OC Central command, Maj. Gen. Nehemia Tamari, Commander of central command, retired General Yitzhak Eitan, the Commander of the southern command, currently Gen. Tal Russo, Commander of the Corps, Gen. Noam Tibbon and Commander of northern command today, Gen. Yair Golan.

30 the rest: keep prepared for command

“The war for, among other things, revealed the need for more infantry units, and led eventually to the establishment of the Division rested, told IDF Division Commander site rests today, Colonel Yehuda Fuchs in a short interlude in regimental exercise in the Valley. “She’s young Brigade of thirty, the leading Israeli live today. The lead is not accomplished in a day,
Started very small and new, and the fact we didn’t burden of sixty years, and split up on past events and campaigns large and plush, made us get a lot more, “he explains.

Although not yet rise to the line north to Division for only quick training, right from the start the operational successes have. Among other things, extracting the first parachute regiment came to the Palace of President babda, and participated in the siege of Beirut and the Burj-El-Brega. Also, the נח”ל Unit 9 נח”ל cylinder unit and took part in the takeover of West Beirut. Northern outposts unit participated in the battle for the village.
Rshidiia camp and נח”ל cylinder unit occupied the village Burgh-imali-. In the Central sector led the unit look armored forces into battle with the Syrians in ein zachlta. 
From there he continued the occupation of nzzoria movement to seize Beirut Damascus highway.

The human advantage

When pride, the most familiar password real nachlwai anal touching
Than not ל”רעל” combat, or past successes. The place most special about Amal “human advantage. The credit is usually granite battalion, but during the 1990s the entire Brigade region.

“We need to invest more in the brand of ‘ human ‘ advantage, we are working for many years which we are proud,” said the happy “requiring soldiers to us, physical, mental challenges, professional, they work in harsh conditions-and relation of human beings. Recruitment to the Division and see the phenomenon in the recruitment cycle-friend brings friend. Most of our soldiers are people who want to get to the Division, and that is something we wish to strengthen.

The Division’s name has been linked to the same advantage too Nahal. With the establishment of the State of Israel and the IDF, the pioneering youth movements to Defense Minister, David Ben Gurion, please establish a framework which will allow the existence of the settlement. So was established the framework, subject to the gadn command and then as an independent framework. The pioneering kernels did military service and volunteer in kibbutzim and it communities, and established “new settlements and outposts” cemented communities
Osama. So, in total were more than 130 communities originated as the rest of the estate, and hundreds of others were strengthened. With the establishment of the Division, it was decided to mobilize all the volunteers to a single Warrior of the new Division. However, as mentioned above regiments joined also in 9 of the public.

30 the rest: keep prepared for command

This route, with converted to volunteer in the periphery of different disciplines exist today. The regimental slang, the Warriors of the voluntary recruits the army called “human touch” (son of ר”ת), and especially for the battalion. In the last period, 2011 registered very high number of soldiers within the battalion lay.

Symbolic the Division itself keeps the pioneer line. Biretta tip bright green was selected in 1988 to show the connection to the elements of agriculture and settlement, and the only tag itself has the sword, sickle and wheat, which mark the pioneering.

Wars and operations, successes and failures

During operation cast lead, let not participated, but almost no war or operation Green didn’t give him the set. The latter is the second Lebanon war, South Lebanon Division brigades, mainly in the eastern sector. During
Persistent fighting has lost its greatest Warriors 4 Brigade, and later won the gratitude and recognition, awarded to soldiers of the 2nd Brigade battalion point Shaham Medal of courage and Medal of distinguished service, and seven other fighters received a commendation for their activities. The battle around the Saluki, who signed the war became a battle that symbolized the spirit resting more than anything.

“The regiment” Shaham fought several hours, 40 wounded and continued to fight and Regiment.
Granite continued the fight after he ordered him to join to defeat terrorists.
And all this thing they do in daylight, as opposed to whatever the media says, and stood on a mission, “he said in an interview with the Commander of the camp during the war and the officer lived and the main paratrooper day, Brig. Gen. Mickey Edelstein. “The spirit is what won the war, because no professional
We were good. In the end, the battles against Hezbollah, it’s the spirit, determination, that closed the professional gaps.

Also during operation defensive shield in Judea, indicated by the Decade, Noah showed significant capabilities and fought mainly in the Jenin region. And reconnaissance company leader in granite
And the regiment itself received on צל”שים strongholds within the operation. “Already during the first months of the fall events (2000) stood at the central place Division of built space and learning process,” in the journal “security systems” Division Commander and then Commander of command.
North today, Gen. Yair Golan. “Since then, I think that the military forces of fighters proved capable of matching characteristics of the changing reality fighting and” shield “performance level indicates the level of tactical flexibility to integrate new materials, however, must not rest on our laurels, because if the IDF required in the future to fighting in built-up area against regular army, the challenge will be much more difficult. You can assess that the confrontation in front of
The Palestinians stubborn fighting model in space. “

30 the rest: keep prepared for command

But in between, there were also failures. When Noah was still in its infancy in 1987, default, below the “night of the gliders”. The bomber penetrated Israel from Lebanon by air נח”ל camp Bay surfboard near Kiryat Shmona, killing 6 soldiers until finished. The bone marrow was deposed, and the stain the young Brigade.

A decade after the incident, killing two teams of feln and חה”ן in the 1997 Israeli helicopter disaster.
A deadly midair collision of two CH-53 helicopters collision led 70 combatants in Lebanon security zone killed all the soldiers. Brigade Commander Colonel Yehuda Fuchs, currently, feln and then commanded all the team. IDF left the mud of Lebanon with the withdrawal in 1999, explosives company of Noah blew up the Fort Beaufort.

What was clear yesterday, the day in question

And Noah, artists and professionals, continue to evolve and build themselves as Infantry Division is evaluated. “The Division finished combat employment, and
Received many Kudos. She’s very intense in service. The training that we do in the Golan Heights, no less intense, and then we go to Judea and Samaria, “he explains.” on the other side there is an enemy that will do anything to harm the soldiers and civilians, as you can see there are times when it happens and it happens when
Less, “Battalion Commander Lieutenant Colonel basalt Yariv Ben-Ezra after operational employment in the area. “The business is becoming more complex, more sophisticated, and it kind of mind game. We provide solutions to operations of this kind, that is our mission –
To protect the border. That we are facing and that we’re dealing with, “he said.

The changes in the Middle East shows on the IDF, and the Division. Everyone of course.
The relative quiet may be eroded, and at the end of the day getting ready for war. “The battlefield becomes a very complicated place, many scenes, everything was clear to yesterday is the day in question,” stressed, “we don’t know where nopal tomorrow. The complexity, diversity and the changing enemy, a huge challenge to young fighters and commanders, we can “, he said.

“I believe the actions of the Division in 30 years, the operations and challenges
Before the State of Israel since if it’s routine, training and operational activities for
“Colonel Fox, adding with a smile:” I’m very proud to be a partner for thirty years tradition of active fighter in 20 years and of course of days deposit
These “.

Translated from Hebrew