30 years of the battle of Sultan Yacoub: “continue to fight for lead.”

הרב הצבאי הראשי, תא”ל הרב רפי פרץ, אמש

A conference focusing on the issue of missing soldiers from the Gulf of revch, said that “many days absent absent memory from my mind.”

תאריך: 11/06/2012, 10:20    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

Last night (Mon) ceremony marking 30 years of the battle of Sultan Yacoub, focusing on the issue of missing persons from the same battle – zecharia baumel, Zvi Feldman and Yehuda Katz.
To insert the Vice Chief of staff arrived, Maj. Gen. Yair Naveh, the Chief Military Rabbi, Brig. Gen. Rabbi Rafi Peretz, along with other officials.

At the beginning of his remarks, Gen. Naveh to commemorate persons of fate not yet
Unknown. “This is an honor for the nation Israel, and the army 30 years after the boys
Missing still exist in Arabia, leaves them on ness and especially try to find a solution to the event and go on their way, “said Gen. Naveh.

Operation peace for Galilee set כ”מלחמת choice”, and stated that this concept. “I
Remember till now all the drivers and support around tables. If you go to their heads and minds of citizens of Kiryat Shmona, Nahariya, Shlomi and problems of settlements – the economy and security, terrorist incidents and infiltrations by Palestinians firing rockets – figure that the area was a ‘ ptachland. The reality was unbearable, “explained Gen. Naveh.

“Nights of toolbar to return”

Amid all the battles and the war, the battle of Sultan Yacoub was among the IDF failed. “The story is tragic not only because of the missing soldiers but also because the same lunch entered the truce into effect and created a different reality,” Gen. Naveh claimed and added
Because the area is not held by the IDF and so the Syrians have begun to realize they have a gold mine —
Took 10 tanks to Damascus and showed them to everyone. Made it into the ethos and the few who have, as the Syrian Hermon occupation at the beginning of the Yom Kippur war and Saladin.

He later focused on Deputy Chief missing and said that “this subject pained
It does not start in operation peace for Galilee ‘ campaign. All war and traditions, and almost every single nadria.
Referring to Sultan Yacoub, lacking promised that the IDF Deputy Chief of staff makes every effort to find. “We consume many nights as days to try to figure out what happened, and. This topic, the final nuances not resolved “, said Gen. Naveh. In addition, the Deputy Chief of staff because he understands the heart of families. “The families, and rightly so, to get to the truth”, the hometown champion Neve.

In sum, the Deputy Chief of the values and unity at the same battle, the same operation, and continue to accompany the IDF. “not been turning ourselves to be free from any challenges, and these values are values that educators on them. Her evil Sultan Yacoub is bad news for those who collect the remains of their bodies stretch Philadelphi route. It’s too bad the younger generation of educated soldiers “, said Gen. Naveh.

Continue to fight for every scrap of information.

Brig. Gen. Rabbi Rafi Peretz participated in the Conference as an official representative of the military Rabbinate. At the beginning of his remarks, referring to the missing revch. “There’s not much memory days
Missing from my lips, my thoughts, loved and craved for. It’s a big part of my prayers, “said Brigadier General.

According to him, the Sultan Yacoub lacking became a symbol for Israel and the IDF.
“Three persons are those that connect us to the wonderful people that process goes with pain and sorrow, with the reality that sometimes visible, sometimes nhazit, sometimes rapid and sometimes hide stair,” Brigadier General.

The war revch as a pilot farm “ch”, who helped rescue efforts, among other things, the wounded and the casualties and the transfer of supplies to troops on the ground. “Sacred anxiety, help and rescue, told the revch down, spoke in praise of the IDF and efforts to locate the missing. “What I want to say is that you do not really like the army. Policy.
I say as long as there is hope we continue to fight for every piece of information, all trying to get somewhere on those persons “, said Brigadier General.

The revch shed some light on efforts to find missing at IDF, and mentioned he also attempts to locating the Navigator Ron Arad and kidnap Mustafa Dirani. “I know personally imaginary flights to get a smidgen of information about Ron Arad, and operation
Dirani’s kidnapping. I remember the late Prime Minister Rabin, who stood us in quarters and told –
“I know it’s a terrible task, difficult and complex, but the great concern and
Care of this nation, “said Brigadier General. “The IDF took on risks that do not have
Unmatched in any military history, certainly not when it comes to bringing traces that information. This is so that our concern for human life, “added revch.

At the end of words, the revch regional reality and hoped to return the buildings to limit. “We are in reality are trying to undermine the good that we live in. Everyone
He was killed in battle, each space was overdressed, IDF sanctity versus persons return, God willing, soon home – is justified, said Brigadier General. “This good and worth fighting for. Now don’t want anything other than we live life pure and precious people. This is our war, “summed up the revch.

Miriam baumel, the mother of the missing Zachary baumel, also carried things. Bemmel family was from the traditional symbol of the struggle to locate missing at Sultan Yacoub, especially the family-Dove baumel, who died before he could see his son returned to his family. “It’s hard to hear the words hard to stand alone,” noted Mrs. baumel. “We know they did a lot for the boys, and I promised to IONA to continue,” she added.

Mrs. baumel reviewed its efforts to locate missing persons, typically these days, and expressed her feelings and thoughts. “Think of a pigeon. His devotion was known, but not the end of his dichaveno. He disappointed not solve the issue, “explained baumel.
“It’s time to demand that something be done, not only promises. We must know to look to the future with hope, “summarized baumel.

Translated from Hebrew