4 years to cast: the officers have become an integral part of the fighter force.

Population emergency officers, who are responsible for preventing damage to the population.
When civil fighting in hostile territory, today integrated within combat units — full-fledged warriors.

תאריך: 01/01/2013, 15:51    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

As part of the lessons of operation cast lead, it was decided to prepare a population emergency officers (קא”ל) on the laughing stock, in order to link to the civilian population and ensure the preservation of them. Until operation cast lead the CA were running, but the operation took the need arises in CA in brigades with the warriors. During operation “pillar” CA were destined to go along with combat forces, if the bottom entrance to the Gaza Strip was implemented.

“The role of the CA is to help combat forces and to allow them to perform their task in the best possible way,” the IDF paratroopers brigade website קא”ל, Maj. David YASU. In their CA explain and keep the population that is not involved in terrorism, humanitarian affairs, coordinating routes and urgently evacuate the injured, concerned international organizations and protecting devices and sensitive sites such as schools, mosques and hospitals. “We can’t say things are missing in the area, such as medicines, milk and meat, and income. During operation ‘ pillar ‘, we knew exactly what was missing and how much, “added Maj. YASU.

In fact, the role of CA fill soldiers capability, planning officers (Coordinator of government activities in the Territories), reserve officers from government units and CA. CA experienced organic role during operation defensive shield, but as handled by a particular force commanders didn’t know enough importance, the role has gone and disappeared. After operation cast lead, which was accidentally damaged power lines and indulged the understanding that it is necessary to integrate the CA battalion level.

“Part of the role of the CA is to explain to you the implications of commanders to deal with, and in fact after cast lead this manifests very strongly,” said the IDF site head the civil component in fighting the mtep, Lieutenant Colonel guy Stolz. “During operation” pillar “, number 2 of ground entry position, hoping the lessons of ntemya cast. Major added that “YASU is of course the commanders and fighters alive.
It needed work, so cooperate. “

Record using civilians as a human shield.

In addition to the many tasks required of a gag to make documentation. “Some
There is a gag, and collaborating with combat, “said Vicki Stolz, Lt. Col.” If using population as a human shield, we record it and use it to enhance our legitimacy to act and show to delegitimize Israel. “

According to Maj. YASU during operation “pillar” were better prepared to attack, and made customizing process equipment and troops, in addition to training and both held to CA. “We didn’t have to wait for a situation of combat, and CA were also previous songs. Our unit trained for years “, says Maj. YASU,” we are fighters, but
Their comparative advantage that is understanding and speaking the Arabic language, “said.

“The role of the CA is to manage dialogue between the parties,” said IDF Deputy Chief site operations Directorate in Gaza, Dror deer died, major, course held last year. “They have to deal with comments from Israel, with Arabic and dilemmas that require finding a balance between the need for military humanitarian.”

Translated from Hebrew