40 years of establishing the Commission soldiers

נציב קבילות החיילים הנוכחי, האלוף (במיל’) יצחק בריק

The take was founded four decades ago to deal with the soldiers, including the security service and designated members of the army reserves.

תאריך: 31/10/2012, 11:47    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

Tonight (Wednesday) held full Conference 40 years establishing the Commission (נקח”ל) soldiers, the Defense Minister, Ehud Barak, Chief of staff, Lieutenant General Benny Gantz, the Israeli soldiers before Commissioners and other key participants in the work of the Commission and a function.

The take was founded four decades ago to deal with the soldiers, including the security service and designated members of the reserves. The first was the fifth Chief of staff of the IDF, Lieutenant General (Ret.) Chaim laskov, which indicate the importance
The institution.
The Commissioner is appointed by the Minister in consultation with the Minister of Justice and Foreign Affairs and Security Committee. The get is charged to submit to annual report, but it is the duty issues others of it.

Get recommendations, received after a thorough investigation, interviews and collecting evidence
Available as fact requires by law. The only one with the power to revoke the recommendations take the Chief, but he never used this authority, recognizing the importance of the recommendations to improve the nature of the reciprocal relations of the IDF.

The current score, Gen. (Ret.) Yitzhak brick, noted in an interview to the IDF website
Because his focus on treating the soldiers is the character and leadership
Sir – order. Each corresponds to the desk of Gen. (Ret.) Rick undergoing processes of inquiry and investigation, both the unit and the Commission. The Commissioner’s work method, which is a significant change and progress in treatment access, encourages the senior commander in the unit to carry out the investigation. This method promotes transparency and openness among IDF commanders. Additionally, the special emphasis on meaningful moral equivalents and correspond about systemic issues.

From the beginning of his tenure he visited Gen. (Ret.) brick masonry units in random
Even arrays and arms. “When I talk to the commanders I explain them that command and leadership are providing personal example, professionalism, reliability, determination and the ability to accept responsibility,” explained before Gen. (Ret.) Rick in an interview for the site.

During the tenure of the current status of the take in front of many watersheds that consumed and treatment. Among the cases investigated by taking the ה”זובור watershed” in Givati, the iron dome batteries and ttzpithnit’s terms of service. In all cases considerable depth and attitude, which can be demonstrated by improved drastically in terms of ttzpithnit by Vice Chief of staff, meanwhile, Gen. (Ret.) Rick against IDF units about silence and verbal violence in the army.

Currently running the institution take conduct disorders, removal of controls, and IDF officials and said the identity of the commander responsible for protecting the rights, dignity and well-being. When submitting the annual report for the year 2011 to May this year, Chief of staff, Lt. General Commissioner for the Gantz committed, stressed the importance of its role and to introduce
His findings before a popular forum. “I favor the deal right before my eyes, in order to improve things for the sake of the soldiers and the IDF commanders,” said the major General (Ret.) Rick in an interview for the site.
“The Israeli army will be objective. When I encounter problems I got it reaffirmed – I’m not forgiving and straight.
When I say I did not deliver and forget the fact, “added in the same interview.

Translated from Hebrew