40 years of grave war: the IDF commanders discuss the wisdom of the war.

Gospel events discussed in the lessons and insights from the Yom Kippur war. In a symposium held in Chief stressed: “we must examine each scenario’s as sbirotho”

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מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Every year during the holidays, took place in recent weeks in a series of toasts and meetings, led by senior commanders, led by Lieutenant General Benny Gantz, Chief, most everyone in the background score 40 years of Yom Kippur. All departments, commands and arms, were Israeli war insights. in practice
In the past and look to the future, has had thousands of officers and soldiers. These events, as they are unconventional, often provide the kind of insight to assess the situation, the present variables in the various sectors and insights learned from that war.

Benny Gantz, Chief of general staff, said this week during a dialogue conducted in the seminar held the Forum of senior IDF marking 40 years of the Yom Kippur war, earlier this week. “The Yom Kippur war, we learn the events that occurred before and after,” said Lieutenant General Gantz. “Over and over again to produce the required lessons at all levels and to make
Bold changes at the right time in order that we don’t meet with unknown reality when we aren’t ready. ” “We have to examine each scenario’s sbirotho is opened as, and know how to operate the flexibility and daring challenge also sells”.

The Chief stressed that “the Yom Kippur war began as defensive and thrusting into enemy attack, which led to a victory of warriors – the Warriors newspaper belonging to the mission and determination that abandoned synagogues and families and sometimes fought, until the last drop of blood for our existence. In a sober perspective on the outcome of the war, we understand that we need to keep the military as an army of the people, for the people.
We need to be skeptical and determined in carrying out every task. “

“Dangerous space is where there is a series of success over time.”

The top charge, Gen. Aviv kochavi, said this week at the granting of degrees
Holiday, senior personnel of the intelligence Corps, in the background score 40 years of Yom Kippur “, it teaches the accumulated experience, is a sleepy, lazy, and
Not easily, crouched and rises in a rush to get out of the comfort zone of the island.
The most dangerous is where there is a series of plates and over time. There should develop methods don’t just wake up, but those who annoy rather than allow him to sleep for a moment. Charge head continued, saying that “provide, as stated, is not contradicted. The supplier is to prevent excessive security, and encourage further interpretation. Doubt and self-confidence should be intertwined. Both need to inspire to action, both motives
Another approach, both push and also serves as a guard.

Planetary champion noted that “in reality changes each dynamic organization and UM, have to break in new ways. Actually breaking into a new direction must provide and encourage comfort and idrbano. At the same time, risk, every new way, puts the supplier, grooming, safety rail on both sides.

Charge head noted that “gave achievements in recent years are extraordinary achievements.
The scope, quality and information technology and operations that allow it,
And: pioneers of Biblical archaeology. Good quality assessment, even if it is not innocent mistakes, and analysis and profound – all of these are likely to create confidence, and they indeed do that, but at the same time produce. There is nothing wrong with confidence, but under two reservations – don’t create excessive security, and next to confidence if balanced, linker and steadily “.

Commands are preparing for a scenario

OC Central command, Maj.-Gen. Nitzan Alon, spoke last week at a toast with the participation of senior staff and on the settlement last year on the charge of various threats and made each scenario in 40 years of war that found in prepared to name a few: “another year of challenge security finds its end, in the midst of the regional order Jolt us all Greece.
Historical events in Egypt, akovat civil war in Syria, to the effects of these on our enemies from Iran, and here in Judea and Samaria. All this rage – and we stand on guard. It doesn’t guard becomes easier, but he and complex requires constant investment.

Central Command Commander also discussed the proposed change, as part of “spunk”, leading to the saying that “the IDF is in the process of change and restructuring in a way that is beneficial for the challenges of the future present clears changing battlefield and characteristics of our enemies.
Eventually find the IDF reinforced, improved and well prepared for the challenges you will encounter more.

Translated from Hebrew