50 izzoiido bases in migonies advanced anti rocket

הדמיית מיגונית “רחבעם”

It is a part of the course includes the defensive improvement in GoC army headquarters — a steep trajectory, shooting metal theft by criminal elements to terrorist infiltration to bases

תאריך: 11/07/2012, 14:20    
מחבר: עידן סונסינו, אתר צה”ל

50 izzoido bases in migonies advanced anti rocket

Shelters, called “Rehavam” (named after Rehavam – reserve champion
A. s.), developed by the home front command and distributed by ackerstein. In the רמ”ד Corps, Maj. Andras Shankar, explained to the IDF website that” all igonit can provide approximately 20 people cover hermetically sealed, much better than the current solutions –
Where the soldier stood in formation, he will be protected. The shelter is stronger and he went to check on some bases “.

The migonies, containing new benefits like ventilation system, are easy and can be led between different areas in a simple way. All the main arm bases are expected to obtain.

At the same time, advance a comprehensive staff work in GoC army headquarters on a multi-year plan to secure store. In a scene planning investment in an unprecedented magnitude in protecting bases.
The program already approved by the control arm and is waiting for final approval as part of the program Rabbi
The next annual “The goal is to address a range of threats-Tin (destructive-attacks, hostile s.) and offenses such as theft, told IDF site security רמ”ד
From the GoC army headquarters, Maj. elihai abihud. “We plan to request security projects over the next few years, advanced technological means to locate a large distance to the camp tkrboyoth to basic infrastructures have not yet been addressed, e.g. some areas clear trees.”

In recent years the army camps security moved significant jump when its flag is then subject to a targeted area. “Where the work is expanding-establishing electronic fences and, reduced the number of intrusions into a five week total reset”, said Maj. elichai.


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