5th battery Prize air force of iron dome

Different capabilities, including interception range and number of the rocket system can handle at the same time, a significant upgrade

תאריך: 17/11/2012, 10:00    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת ויפתח כרמלי, אתר צה”ל

During operation “pillar”, the IDF have deployed today (Saturday) battery iron dome’s fifth. The battery is in the final stages of development and should be delivered
The Ministry of Defense and Rafael to the air defense command in January, but given the security situation and the increasing number of interceptions of the system against Hamas missile is operational already configured.

5th battery Prize air force of iron dome

Meanwhile, security industries continue to develop system capabilities and improving performance. The new systems developed by FA, Rafael (the authority for development of weapons) and ELTA, a preliminary experiment on iron dome batteries, and the current situation in Gaza considered the possibility of an expedited way to put batteries already deployed
In the field.

“The reality and everyday intelligence are those that guide the Bank aims and characteristics of our development, said today (Thursday) to the IDF website, head of artillery and interception
In ELTA. “Right now the system works above and beyond what we expected. As someone who is also a resident of South I can say that despite the difficult situation, the sense of security, “he said.
Head of the artillery added that “in addition to our success in protecting the residents of the South, we are building a system that protects our factories are located in Ashdod. Because of the proximity to the missile range, we need not only to meet the requirements placed in front of us, but also to protect ourselves, “explained,” it gives the employees a lot of energy to work in March.
And shorten the development process “.

Translated from Hebrew