60 seconds of Fame

צילום: דובר צה”ל, סמל אריאל הרוש וסמ”ר ארי אמיתי

What exactly is going on up there jumping to the landing on the ground? How you’re gaining courage and What makes anyone who suffers from Vertigo and did well enough to enjoy the story

תאריך: 31/01/2016, 18:00    
מחבר: אביגיל בוקובזה, אתר צה”ל

How do I get the warrior to jump out of a plane? After intensive weeks in parachuting and flying fighters in UPS, landing and rolling actions become almost. Over and over they repeat the steps until the fighters are doing them for sustainability, so that when actually the fact that they jump down into the open air of the world simply flower memories

60 seconds of Fame

Step by step, overcome the fear.

To overcome the fear of falling in a skydiving school found some patents, some of which are originals. “We have several school buildings to help step-by-step overcome fear,” says Sgt. Harry parachute instructor, real. “One is an landing facilities at a height of 4 feet that exit the plane. Another device used as a test of courage is a 12 metres where you can simulate the behavior in air.

60 seconds of Fame

The courage of the fall: the Tower

Another “invention” is funny tone when spoken commands. Behind the changing tone has reason and totally professional, etched in the memories of falling the instructions in order not to be forgotten. Another reason, according to actual technical Sgt. “when falling are plane has a lot of noise and hearing more specific intonation” commands.

60 seconds of Fame

Another thing that helps reduce the fear is earplugs. According to the manual the main cause to fear and pressure drop length is tremendous noise. combining the engine noise, and tremendous spirit as the door remains open, so it is recommended to use skydiving instructors earplugs.

When at a height of 1200 ft, the doors open and the moment of truth is coming, stood the directory called “send” in the middle of the plane, and hands the battle – “IHOP”. “IHOP” he calls repeatedly, and paratroopers, dragging each other unload fear calls into the space. Not sure in another strapping warriors were willing to cooperate, as there seems to be some situations you just have to break the ice.

Long jump

So what happens in 60 seconds? In the fall it automatically opens the chute automatically takes place approximately 60 seconds, so to turn against Greece, to control a bit toward the land, much more convenient to drop when forward face changing constantly and back so you can see where you’re headed. The accompanying operational also exits the parachuting equipment. “You jump out of an airplane, lowers his head, where your spare parachute, and actually reduces the surface area in order not to get spanking from the wind” describes directory. “Then you download and check it to make sure you have ‘ candle ‘, meaning that the aisle opened properly and that there is no rift. If you have a failure some time to enjoy it a little google maps, “he laughs.” At a height of 100 metres you should identify as Greece levitation that affects your avatar. At a height of 40 metres you come in ready to ready stance to land properly, then when you land, you’re on the ground.

60 seconds of Fame

“The most critical moments are 60 seconds when the jumper is alone with himself that there is no manual to guide him. That’s why we invest so much in their preparation for these moments, “says major skydiving Company Commander Moshe Rabin. After he exits 300 still feel every time tension and excitement. “There’s nothing to do, it’s not something normal to jump out of a plane.”

Translated from Hebrew