600 Orthodox Jews enlisted to track “blue report” in the air force.

Since 2007 the air force joined in 1970, approximately 20 subjects in an array. A special route in

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Project report (Orthodox mix) blue air force opened in 2007 and since its opening has already managed to join the 600 Orthodox apply and integrate about 20 subjects in an array. Consideration on the part of commanders and mutual respect are key to the success of the project that 65% of the participants are married men, and half are fathers to children.

Four years after the beginning of the project, already serve in ten officers, graduates of the program, and over 90% of amshoachrarim have found employment in the technology sector after military service.

Sergeant Adiel grosmak (30), married with four children, and serves as a software tester at the base of tzrifin. “I wanted to go for a long time, but I couldn’t until I reached a program suitable for family and religious framework. Provide us the most basic conditions for us. Time to learn Torah, kosher food, and able to be with my family, “says Sergeant grosmak. “I feel that I am contributing to society and part of it like everyone else, and believe that our mapkadim will continue to support us and to our life.

At 9 in the year, the IAF organizes an event unique to the blue report soldiers and their wives who were invited to meet the. Because the project is suitable for religious, encouraged my husband to enlist. He gets a salary, profession, and protecting the country, it is very important “, says Adam. “Given here can improve religious contribution to country and integrate into society,” said Amy, wife of an Orthodox soldier serving in technical base. “Help them with good conditions and if I had the option I would too.
It. The next project might be to set up a report blue women “.

Colonel רמ”ח חות”ם, Jason Barr, said that investor force resources and budget report to project blue, and we plan to establish a software unit of ultra-Orthodox Israeli air force software. Currently serve 50 people in permanent force and another 10 officers. The project will continue to develop and has great importance to chess and to integrate the Haredim into Israeli society. “

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