65 years ago: “Golani brigade committed to walk in the path of heroic tradition.”

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The number one Division inaugurated a new generation of fighters — this time marked 65 years anniversary. Brigade Commander: “are the time required significant challenges with the State of Israel, we are the generation knows the size of the time

תאריך: 22/02/2013, 11:29    
מחבר: מתן גלין, אתר צה”ל

65 years of heroism: Graduation Cap traditional quest of the Golani Brigade
Held this week (Wednesday), this time marked 65 years since the founding of the oldest Regiment which participated members in every war since the founding of the State. The most exciting event, held traditionally at the Golani junction, was attended by the Commander of the Brigade, Colonel Yaniv decade and hundreds of controls, and families.

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Makhoul Golani “sure will loachmino each task and challenge.”

The Division’s Commander, Colonel Yaniv, opened the ceremony with a concise summary of the construction force of fighters since the inception of the Division. “Generation
Tashach laid the foundations for the Golani, belief in the power and spirit of solidarity, the Warrior icon and belonging to all, the power of evil, the term ‘ brother ‘ ”
The regiment commander described  “Sixty-five years after the Golani Brigade was established, are we today in an emotional and status of Brown beret and a full-fledged warriors to Division of new golanch wonderful,” he said.

In the sequel to future challenges marrow facing fighters
The Division one and said that “we are in a period of significant challenges in the duty of the State of Israel, we are the generation knows the size. We are committed and determined to walk the path tradition of heroism of the Division. Our enemies know that tradition is in our own hands in Golani is Warrior, strong and tough. I’m full of confidence and faith in you and chohachm to meet all mission and every challenge placed before you.

After the training period, take warriors to join their fellow veterans employment
Operational measures and fighting to stand in the upcoming tests. “You have to meet all her job requires of constant readiness for war, every encounter with the enemy in battle” decision, told the Commander in Golani, a Lieutenant Colonel Avinoam stolovitz ‘ new warriors.


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