669 fighters practiced lessons מ”צוק”

צילום: ספיר אליהו, אט”ל

During the training phase, the young warriors 669 medical forces in which 10 practiced evacuating mossek and casualty and implement the conclusions of the last operation ||
“The cooperation was the critical path to saving lives during operation

תאריך: 09/06/2015, 15:43    
מחבר: נדב זק ורתם קליגר, אתר צה”ל

חיל האוויר

In the middle of another wheat field, shbaupk can see the southern population, Starship Troopers steal 669 and unit of falls under dense vegetation. Suddenly, the Warriors encounter the enemy force — and some are injured. The stretchers may occupy, and the Warriors give initial treatment in interior space and some of the wounded to where it lands in a few minutes the evacuation helicopter. It seems the rescue exercise undergoing 669 forces and medical forces in which 10.

During operation “Cliff”, the forces and more than 200 air force evacuations of wounded, some of them in the heart of Gaza City. In this exercise, the first stove the only fighters currently in training, began to apply lessons from the operation is shared by medical corps and the air force. “Cliff, as in others, cooperation was the critical path to saving lives,” said the Commander of the training ground at 10, Lieutenant Colonel. ”
This exercise tested both situations we also MEDEVAC operation: mossek of wounded after encountering and dealing with mass casualty after the fall of פצמ”ר in the field” gathering.

“The helicopter handling is much more complicated than on the ground, Lieutenant Colonel. 669 “comes as close as possible to the area of the incident, give first aid and life saving the wounded, and then move them into senior therapists Israel territory. All the fighters in 669 pass course paramedics, with special adjustments for heated as a condition for continued service in the unit.

The conclusions stressed exercise operation “Cliff”, the medical aspect. For example, students take on the different treatment of injuries by severity of injury, and that the apzzoa is the first to enter the helicopter. Another lesson about the exercise therapy applied in pain. “Shpzzoa need to evacuate, the initial goal and most important is to maintain a stable situation, but must also relieve pain,” explained the officer training program, and t. “There are medical procedures that accompanied by pain, for instance placing a tourniquet. The medical kit we have measures to reduce pain as morphine lollipops “.

Translated from Hebrew