669 finishes pilot training: “anything is possible”

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Deputy spring dreamed of being a pilot since he was a little boy. A medical condition led him to enlist instead to 669, until you decide to try to realize his dream. Today he gets wings

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מחבר: איתי איתמר, אתר חיל האוויר

Deputy spring (24) see almost everything. For three years he’s jumped out of helicopters, help countless rescues and saves lives. Only after completing his tour of duty as a warrior
Unit 669 went for a pilot course in order to get the wings flying them always dreamed of.

“It started when I was a kid, when my dad served as a Loadmaster in the carriage. It was profound and Rita “, says Deputy, ends the array class which started. “In high school it was clear to me that I’m going to realize my dream and started the sorts for pilot training. But after the tests disqualified, spring found himself moving mask
The team building the elite units, and the evacuation and rescue unit 669.

The medical problem that disqualified him from the outset is not resolved and the service at -669 not allow to go through the required course operators. After years of appeals and letters, showed that experts ready to spring for the track. “I was halfway through and I just want to finish the way I started the unit,” explained Deputy spring, “but it was clear to me that I’m going to fulfill my dream.” After almost three years in -669, tried to try to. “People said I was crazy,” he says with a smile, “my mother thought that way. But close friends, the commanders of the unit and even my father supported me. “

Presently, spring has learned to get used to the long arms, orders in threes and prospect in tents at the flight school. “Every time I hear a pilot launch of 669
‘ Birds of the desert, I jumped. You can’t ignore it. “

In the summer of 2010, two days after his first solo flight, another abandons his apprenticeship in a plane ה”עפרוני and falls to the ground. “Blaine when Natasha, waited nearby with buckets of water, after the solo tradition,” he recalls. “When it happened, immediately ran to her. Suddenly we realized how dangerous this is, how much ability you have. Five
Minutes later, a helicopter landed anymore with the team of 669 to extract it. Suddenly all my worlds came together. “

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Translated from Hebrew