669 Rescue Unit held a special practice with guaranty

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Special warriors practiced evacuating 669 of guaranty, actually it has event-after officer 675 and Golani Brigade soldier wounded in Gaza Strip

תאריך: 04/06/2012, 19:13    
מחבר: טל מיכאל, אתר חיל האוויר

Nearly 24 hours before the battle begins, a Golani Brigade encountered fire real terrorists in the Gaza Strip near Kissufim. Company and staff injured mossek
Of the 669 was sent to extract, and after a quick treatment moves the wounded to Soroka Hospital. The incident ended shortly and no special problems, and one reason only:
The units practiced dealing with similar cases dozens of times before.

“It is not necessary to explain at all why these exercises is important. The facts speak for themselves, “explains Captain Dr. Omri that the medical officer of iintel Golani Brigade. This time, arrived at Tel NOF airbase guaranty warriors, commando unit of the Division, to practice for the decisive moment which will under fire and will need assistance from the sky cycle-exactly as happened that weekend.

The events of that day are still hovering in the air. Although of Gaza is like a tangled and wooded, but also in such areas as long as fighters are likely to encounter.
“The second Lebanon war, the troops were in guerrilla areas tangled all the time,” says רס”ל, a former fighter in the rescue unit 669 and responsible for unit exercises with land forces.

In 2006, lost five fighters unit in the Lebanon, and using the evacuation unit 669. “We practice for the worst case, it really will be wounded. Should the various units to talk to each other, the sooner the better “, June רס”ל and dark the lights in the hangar where the training was held. Control switch activates the gunfire and the explosions, flashes, and one daughter Hazel fighters break.

“A rocket hit our House and trapped inside. Enter to extract “sound breaking up about. “Hurt in a bad situation. Right hand and left leg bleeding, “sounds the voice again, but another explosion interrupted him. “A few minutes gets you guaranteed a רס”ל June and gives the Warriors team to ponder in a race against time. “Now I try to handle it,” he says, not telling them that the helicopter touches down early. Meanwhile, in the dark.
Continuing attempts to save the bleeding patient alive. “Somebody will try to steer the helicopter. Basically keep him here, I’m going to do it, “read one.

Finally, the helicopter arrives, and the huge bhanger fan starts spinning heavily. “Go,” רס”ל, June, and the helicopter door that had opened there in advance. From emerge quickly 3094 warriors, and help to secure the lands the helicopter shot and rush to get to the wounded.

This is the first part of the training. Real fighting mode that forces were continuing to the nearest hospital, while the Warriors on the ground would come back immediately. “When you’ve got injured, and a helicopter came from the sky, from stop and look
Up, excited. You can’t explain the feeling, “says Sgt. Itai, a warrior and a paramedic unit, which has been treating the wounded under fire. “Waiting for as he hits the ground, the wounded and immediately return to fight, like it. At the moment, should forget
Happened until now and move forward. No time to stop. “

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