71 percent increase in the number of religious women

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Within only two years sharp rise among several religious girls choose to enlist the Warrior || “Most of the roles open to women today,” said religious Advisor for women’s Affairs, Brigadier General Rachel TEVET Wiesel

תאריך: 08/11/2015, 22:00    
מחבר: נטע לוי, אתר צה”ל

ראש אכ"א
בנות דתיות

71 percent increase in the number of girls doing religious Warrior system recorded in the past two years, according to Department data. In addition to the considerable increase in recruiting girls, religious it is apparent that their motivation to serve significant roles only. “In the last five years we have doubled the number of religious girls serving in the army,” said Brigadier General Rachel TEVET Wiesel, women’s Affairs Advisor in the religious Conference held last week.

Further increase in the number of religious girls who chose to take a Commission in the army during irotan, an increase of almost 30% from last year. “We would like to see you develop into command positions, and also venture beyond the compulsory service,” said head of manpower, topolnsky holidays, Conference champion to meet religious girls in service. “I really want to see you go officer leading the army in its high capabilities and your values,” he added.

According to girl education training

The religious Conference happens once a year and aims to introduce religious girls the options available to them for the giosen. to change came more than 1400 girls. The figures in previous years, up 80 percent of the girls participating in choosing to enlist.

Currently serve in the military, religious girls 3800 when most intelligence wing positions filled, education and computer service Directorate. “The army will definitely need you and the qualities you bring to the full array of his powerful and” explained to women’s Affairs Advisor to build during the Conference.

“Our goal is to integrate with the. We understand that we must allow you to preserve your life as you want it, “said Mayor אכ”א.

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