It unveils the top IDF personnel Directorate, Ali love, champion during the Israel’s largest recruitment initiated by friends of the Israel Defense Forces. The event opens “mobile line” you give personal information to recruits

תאריך: 07/06/2011, 11:57    
מחבר: אביחי חיים

More than 20,000 of the came in last night (Tuesday) to Joshua in Tel Aviv, the Israel’s largest recruitment scheme of society, “and” Israeli artists alongside shows held on site, meeting prospective first were with the IDF through dozens of stalls selling information to represent various units, as well as “mobile line” who gave them information about the upcoming draft and can in them.

The head of the IDF personnel Directorate, Ali love Champ, the recruits and tailoring and revealed that ” in the last year, 80 percent of amtgiisim to serve as fighters. This is respect for youth. IDF is doing and will do anything to grasp and raise every boy and girl-we want to see you all, “said Mayor אכ”א.

Widespread joined the Chairman ” of society, who said yedidya ‘ new recruits ‘ joke to are the ones who protect us for the next three years. Therefore, we chose
Salute them before the draft and invested show produced specifically for them. ”

To facilitate recruitment of youth and within the cooperation of more
And the association with “troops” (), was a place of huge information center
Where dozens of positions are able recruits receive personal information about a setting,
To submit requests, to receive an explanation of sorts for courses, reserve, sorts to cruisers and elite units, special service and recruitment.

Captain light Captain Drury’s ” best ” told the IDF site because “young recruits has many questions about his military service and the various units and we want to answer all of them.
Instead of dozens of soldiers and Airmen from various troops currently serving in units around IDF so that amtgiisim and tailoring are directly from the experience and service experience in the army ” to the men and women of these do work the best and
For IDF.

Translated from Hebrew