8200, beginning

“The nature of the unit was based at the time on radio operators working personnel, translators, and a lot of technicians. Progress began after the six day war, then came the boom of the means and the massive acquisition. When they asked me where I was, I told him I was selling waffles in restoring “• Maj. (Ret.) Anders, one of the founding generation of the pickup unit 8200 of military intelligence Directorate, provides a glimpse into the early days of the unit

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מחבר: אמיר כידון

After the six day war in both grew up in Jerusalem, on Mount Scopus area. In order to cover the unit wrote on the cover, big bottom, IDF waves.
One morning, a woman rang the doorbell and asked if she could give her son DS, using the program ‘ DS property. We were in shock. We made a few calls and immediately contact
With IDF waves through our collection Department. We traced the editor program, and asked
Him to give his regards to the same soldier. The secret has been successfully saved. The unit in question is 8200, central collection unit of the Intelligence Division, and the speaker is major (Ret.) Anders who was among over 50 years as a member of the founding generation of mythical intelligence unit.

This story encapsulates the story of sorkis, who as a young soldier used to answer the question “where do you serve?” answer “I sell waffles on rebuild.
When 60 years anniversary of the greatest Division in the IDF, we extract, barely there
Specify-old intelligence as sorkis is not wholly easy-some of the secrets and stories that characterized the early days of one of the top units in the IDF.

In October 1952, private sorkis in קמנ”ר (the Chief intelligence officer)
In Jaffa, where today lies the courts-martial. After a three-month emergency joined s.m. Unit 2 (two intelligence) as a technician. “We were pretty small handful of people,” says Leo. “Presently the only time there was Sun from 2 to 515. At the time that the name joke Sopra replaced because we were 500 Iraqis and 15 Ashkenazim.

Major (Ret.) Anders. “We love our job and larger.”
The unit was based at the time on radio operators working personnel, translators, and a lot of technicians ashmischo the listening equipment. The equipment was very primitive equipment bought as extra equipment for the American military, amateur equipment, “recalled lion that was responsible for the listening equipment in those days. “You have to understand that the intelligence Corps and unit 8200 dictate the terms. The terms are dictated by the conflict. They dictate what equipment we use and what we need to hear. The conditions laid down in those days were very difficult conditions. The State of Israel is in a very difficult area of topography and at that time a decision was made at a small mountain in the country receive trials performed “8200

“Only in 1954 moved from Jaffa to the area. Glilot was much quieter surroundings compared to Jaffa which was very noisy surroundings and there was room to expand. I had the honour to be the first soldier of the unit from Jaffa to rolls and started slowly and the base unit it today. “

Unlike many צה”ליות, unit 8200 created and designed in large part of herself. “Today the entire hi-tech is alive and well thanks to the unit 8200, wherever you throw a rock you will find one of us. Progress actually began after the six day war, then came the boom of the means and the massive purchase, and only broke out a lot because of him.
Charge’s time, Maj. Gen. Aharon Yariv, z. Details about the nature of the measures
That started the unit couldn’t get sorkis.

“Today’s generation is very smart generation. We were naïve, but with motivation, we received a very big motivation injection that was week and teams meeting and discuss what we went through that week. The only thing I think there’s enough today that legacy investments. The feeling that accompanied our work over the years was: ‘ Lord, if it wouldn’t be ready in time, we are lost. If you do not provide a ranking us the know-how required in time and quality, again would be a disaster. We love our job and great abilities.


Translated from Hebrew