85 thousand references to the home front command of the operation.

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In six days since the operation, received a third of the number of calls to the Centre every cast lead. Behavioral Sciences doctor answering sensitive content, references, and only 265 abandoned calls

תאריך: 18/11/2012, 13:50    
מחבר: יעל זהבי, אתר צה”ל

Since the beginning of operation “pillar” received from the home front command center ‘ (the news) approximately 85,000 residents leads from around the country; About a third of the number of calls received in all three weeks of operation cast lead. Of them, more than 62,000 calls got a response by the delegates, and approximately 265 abandoned calls. Approximately 22,000 callers received a response by the introduction, in which sound guidelines for common scenarios.

Two months ago, the renovation of the Center, became a protected area.
And positions were added. Today, it can be staffed at 100 staff. The Center gives
Answers to dilemmas in choosing a sheltered space, for questions regarding the existence of school days, with questions about alarms and everything to do with. The Center operates 24 hours a day, and his
Manned at all times. “On Thursday, the day sent a rocket toward Tel Aviv, received 18,000 calls. Only in the last half hour we received about 900 calls anymore, “said Commander information center פקע”ר, Lieutenant Colonel, retired to ibrmansh.

In addition to 130 soldiers, including about 20 reservists, to Colonel information centre has a doctorate in behavioral science, which addresses cost sensitive references.
“There are families living in areas less based in the South, for example, families of the old neighborhood in Beersheba that living in tin shacks. The House is built from scratch and those difficult conversations, “said Lieutenant Colonel RES to ibrmansh. “In addition, it provides for soldiers who encounter serious talks,” he said, “Unfortunately, there are many families without a protected space or price sanctuary”.

For any questions about grief and the home front command instructions, refer to the information center of the HFC: 1207
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