9 day: our IDF with 22,993 fallen male

In a letter to chiefs and IDF Chief of Gantz wrote “IDF family mourns her sons and embracing them for all eternity. We accomplish our fallen brethren cops “

תאריך: 24/04/2012, 16:50    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Our IDF tonight (Tuesday) with memory of the Israel systems 22,993 since 1860 until today. The number of falls Memorial Day 2010 and today is 21.

The number of bereaved families in Israel 2012 is 10,524 2,396 content orphans and widows of IDF and -4,992.

Memorial Day events unfolding in one minute old horn plays throughout the country at 8:00. Immediately after the siren began Memorial rallies throughout the country. On Wednesday, at 11:00 a.m., plays a two-minute siren and then begin the rites and ceremonies of State memory memory.

In the letter he wrote to commanders and soldiers, the Chief Lieutenant General Benny Gantz wrote that “another year, another year of standing guard, vigorous and uncompromising of for
Ensuring the safety of citizens of the State of Israel. Year and again we stand rallies, near grave sins fell in front of the walls of the monuments on loads the endless column and ungraspable Israel’s fallen soldiers. “

“Last year, and again the day hosts its quietness of Israel. Also this year, standing in rows are missing, but remember, thousands of the soldiers who fell during the years and committed to battle in “registered awarded the Chief added.

Lt. General Gantz said that “in this special day, we must look at ourselves, our business units, IDF, to do some soul-searching and ask: do we continue the way? Do we exemplify follow generation job in us? Did we navigate the security ship of the State of Israel to a safe haven.

“Today we can say loud and strong, we are fulfilling the testament of fallen brothers,” wrote Chief, emphasized that “IDF, determined and strong army, intimidate, and smart technology, each of the challenges about to open at this crucial – that the Middle East continues to surge with the revolution, while terrorist organizations are striving tirelessly to harm our citizens.”

At the end of the letter noted that “additional duty Chief, vow of consecrated blood – to stand to the right of the families of the fallen and Ma’am your distance of bereaved families.
Parents, siblings, wives and children that one day tried to prevent them the world, paid the heaviest price for our lives as free people in this country, and now they have 365 anniversaries and soreness. Today, as every day, embrace them as large and powerful family – a family
The Israel Defense Forces mbacha the construction and embracing them forever. “

Translated from Hebrew