97 hours without sleep.

צילום: דובר צה”ל

Dozens of troops and armor battalion one much used 7th armored brigade in dealing with enemy, using advanced laser systems and the defense capabilities of the Merkava Mark 4 tank new

תאריך: 01/01/2016, 09:00    
מחבר: נטע צ’חנובסקי, אתר צה”ל

Tanks against tanks, opposite fellow martial practice Regiment against the enemy in a real direction and concrete. For 97 hours without sleep battalion fighters faced a 75 Armored Division 7 Director and professional enemy by sophisticated laser systems allowing Merkava Mark 4 tank.

“During the exercise, which ended yesterday, because enemy troops firing’ve successfully formed tanks, artillery and troops. Laser systems, Bob powers and vulnerabilities the enemy forces, so that we can assess ourselves and conclusions at the end of the exercise, “said the battalion commander, Lt. Col. David dew. “Practiced shooting toward the defense system trophy ‘ consisting of the new tank, and saw how it prevents damage to the tank, detects the source of fire and destroys him. Director foe is a scenario it must get used to the ground, since the only way you can prepare yourself as a warrior for the moment of truth “.

97 hours without sleep.

During the exercise, the fighters seemed conquering villages in the Golan, in mines, and faced Director of injury and replacement battalion h. In addition, the extensive collaboration with legs, artillery, engineering, logistics and reserves. “You have to bring the best of our abilities reflected in battle, therefore in practice must maximize the benefits and to recognize our weaknesses,” said Lieutenant Colonel David. “We strive to surprise the enemy and overcome any battlefield.

According to the Mag, the winning formula for training includes an image of the area where the enemy, collaborating with other forces, and the defense system of the tank. The practice in Northern fighting. Among other things, forced to undergo complicated and Egyptian delegates quickly and efficiently. “The enemy knows the terrain and therefore we have to make the best fighters to challenges they expect to face”, said Lieutenant Colonel David.

Translated from Hebrew