A ב”עסקת release Shalit” returned to terrorism.


The army arrested and questioned at a Palestinian from Nablus who met a Hamas activist,
Released “Gilad Shalit” who came to the Gaza Strip and expressed to him a willingness to carry out, in return for a large sum of money.

תאריך: 18/04/2013, 11:30    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Allowed to publish because of the General Security Service in the IDF, assistance
Arrested in March 2013, from Nablus, who met a Hamas activist, released “Gilad Shalit” who came to the Gaza Strip and expressed to him a willingness to carry out, in return for a large sum of money. The detainee to obtain weaponry for the bombing, but stops before you allow him to.

The detainee, Amir Barakat, born in 1988, Nablus, returned in February 2013 pilgrimage to Mecca (Umrah). During interrogation in the GSS admitted Barakat, because during “ה”עומרה met Amir dokan, from Balata refugee camp, Nablus, which released “Gilad Shalit” and went to the Gaza Strip. Brkat dokan offered to perform a shooting attack Nablus bypass road, or throwing a grenade attack at a checkpoint, and that, in return for a payment of $ 60,000. Upon his return to the field created Barakat contact dokan and informed him that he would carry out the attack, and to obtain a gun.
This investigation emphasizes repeatedly the efforts of terrorist organizations to promote terrorist activities in Judea and Samaria, while increased involvement of demobilized from “Gilad Shalit”. In this context, used “Umrah” reunion
In Saudi Arabia, active and delivering messages, ideas and planning to carry out terrorist activities.
Recently, rise in promoting military action by demobilized from “Gilad Shalit” out. The violation of the independence agreement, signed with Egypt, when actions are performed from the territory of the Gaza Strip, given by Shelton
Hamas-the sovereign area and whom signed the agreement.
In addition, the activity of the General Security Service in the IDF and Israel Police assistance, arrested in January – February 2013 Hamas courier and turned, trying to get money to outright terror, passed by. The opponent of the Messenger, who had been detained at Allenby crossing, 10,000 euros and 900 dollars, hidden in a box of cigarettes.
The detainees, two brothers, residents of the Pharaoh (Nablus area):
The Messenger-Allah Mohammad Rashad soalma, born deaf, 1972. Arrested at the Allenby Bridge on 29 January 2013.
The Launcher – Ahmad Rashad, Allah gives soalma. A Hamas activist. He was arrested on 17 February 2013, based on his brother’s confession.

During interrogation at the General Security Service, pet soalma admitted that the Ministry came to Jordan
Of his brother Ahmed in order to smuggle terrorist financial territory from Hamas. The funds received in Jordan by proxy of Amir Fatah Tanzim activist, dokan, released “Gilad Shalit” was deported to the Gaza Strip, where contacts with activists from various organizations, including Hamas. In addition, Pets admitted that was supposed to get additional funds on behalf of senior Hamas Figure Salah alaarori, staying abroad.
13.3.13 on, filed against Ahmed and Mohammad charges to the military court in the West Bank. The soalma pet attributed the indictment of attempting to insert money to enemy, contact with the enemy and attempting to perform a service for an unlawful association. Ahmed soalma attributed the indictment counts of attempting to obtain funds from an unlawful association, contact with the enemy, attempting to perform a service for an unlawful association and conspiracy to trade on war materiel.
This investigative light on the efforts of terrorist organizations continue to smuggle money into Judea, Apostles, back from abroad via Allenby territory.
On this background, in recent times, made extensive efforts, Allenby crossing to detect and thwart terrorist money transfers into the area, including, rehearse and searched bodies of suspected funds transfers.

Translated from Hebrew