The safety class of GoC army headquarters emphasized that reducing traffic accidents recorded thanks to the extensive training and information, alongside the technological implementation
CDC received sophisticated driving alone.

תאריך: 01/04/2012, 10:31    
מחבר: עידן סונסינו ודניאלה בוקור, אתר צה”ל

Road safety campaign in the IDF registers impressive achievements: the wing acquired in a 25% decrease in traffic, and the number of traffic accidents has decreased by about 150 cases. Buck? officials (Department of safety and quality control) emphasize that the reduction in toll roads, for years more spaces are operational, will continue this year many thanks. ה”עוזר driver system”,
Sophisticated autopilot continues to be extensive-form year.

“The extensive activity of Beck regarding road safety – safety settings, courses, classes, seminars, meetings with bereaved families, large resources invested here, they make the change,” said the IDF site head, Col. Zvika. “But the number one cause is the occupation of our Teacher Rabbi controls take care of safety in their units. We reach for each control, and three to dig the importance of this issue. From commanders are the ones who take it and worry about the way safety is improved in their units.

As part of the continuing battle for road safety are expected to be soon hundreds of audit instruments (co-driver) added to the army, who arrived for the arm units already allow to strengthen supervision and control, using wide range capabilities (sending SMS to the officer riding all over the speed limit to play loud beep when braking car dealership), and the main goal is, as defined in the arm. To enhance the culture of driving in order to reduce the number of casualties significantly.

Proven systems for pilots impressive achievements that led to a reduction of tens of percent.
The number of exceptional events, and reception of the year is expected to lead to a significant reduction in accidents and very minor offences. “We continue to improve the system in a way that” current “, road safety officer from GoC army headquarters, Maj. Zohar Raz.
“We receive feedbacks from the units and think all the time about how to customize the system according to the requirements from the field and the unique characteristics of different units.

In parallel to the system should continue to be developed and buck? improve safety guidelines. During the Conference, advanced vehicle officers in GoC Army conducted this week, major changes were that the driver will be driving. “Now the car can transfer officer Advanced Unit leader tasks commanders before any action and approval. The briefing will be tighter, “he said at major Dodo Gabay, רמ”ד traffic safety.

This is one property out of a trend toward consolidation, the officers heard will be responsible also for training and integrating new practices. In addition, the vehicle can transfer for each period of operational instructions and refresh special points transfer. “Driving operational needs now to be trained of any sector to which it comes,” explained Maj. Gabbay. “Drivers don’t commit some kind of more than six months have now refreshed to look through it. Smart Forms. control and life-saving results.

Translated from Hebrew