Thousands of policemen, border fighters and volunteers spread throughout the country in order to maintain the security of the civilians to save public order and Israel has completed the tnoahamshtert operational preparedness for the independence day events-68. In the evening, many whom are expected to reach entertainment and nightlife and the parks and the shopping and entertainment areas.

Meanwhile, thousands of police officers, commandos and volunteers to fan out along the axes, and recreation centers, centers to address security and raising the public’s sense of security, along with handling and preserving public order and traffic. In addition, the police get the 100 centers and national information center of Israel Police, who numbered 110, providing fast and up-to-date.

In addition to the operational readiness of the supposed events, Israel carried out the police in the last few weeks, focused activity increased throughout the country, the illegal, particularly from credible, driving and my employer in and executed, law enforcement will continue throughout the evening, against the sale of dangerous toys, which seized thousands of items forwarded so far to treat the injury.

We ask the public to be vigilant and not to hesitate to contact Police any suspicious object or event.

Translated from Hebrew