A booby-trapped tunnel blew up during the IDF’s initiative in the South

צילום ארכיון

During the operation of power engineering initiative to locate IEDs in the southern Gaza Strip, an explosion of a booby-trapped tunnel. There are no casualties. The following cargo area scans will continue tomorrow.

תאריך: 08/11/2012, 22:50    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

A booby-trapped tunnel blew up today (Thursday) during an IDF action initiated in the southern Gaza Strip to detect IEDs–no casualties.

The IDF spokesperson, Brig. Gen. Yoav Mordechai, Polly said that in the last two weeks, occurred in the southern Gaza Strip claimed a number of events-towards ngmachon, and wound another charger
Two days ago. Follow this decided the Division Commander to be new Western initiative.

Power engineering, which instead found several IEDs. Upon completion of the task, during operations to repair the fence, an explosion of a booby-trapped tunnel under obers axis. This is a very large explosion that revealed a tunnel at a depth of four meters and a width of 4 m.
צה”לי empty vehicle was thrown in the air from the force of the explosion and was damaged.
The IDF estimated that the event may be related to exposure to cargo. We understand that this is a booby-trapped tunnel or tunnel designed for other things as Greece was gap.
Bombing time to disable. This is a very large, not experienced recently.
The Division Commander was in the event.
Tomorrow morning will attract the scans and evaluation headed by Southern Command Chief, Gen. Tal Russo.

Translated from Hebrew