A check revealed the smuggling and drug trafficking at the border Egypt

מפקד הימל”ם, סא”ל גיל. צילום: גל אשוח, דובר צה”ל

Intensive investigation activities and undercover led to arrest 15 suspects, most of them soldiers, drug smuggling hundreds of thousands of shekels. Watch arrest smugglers, special documentation

תאריך: 25/06/2012, 17:00    
מחבר: רותם פסו ורוזה ליסנינסקי, אתר צה”ל

The military police today (Monday) unveiled the smuggling and drug trafficking at the border, Egypt, one of the largest ever drug amount aspect, as the investigation arrested 15 suspected shbakvot, most of them soldiers. The IDF who set himself a target.
To decrease the use and trafficking of drugs, failed to reveal the affair due to overworking the unit’s men (a central unit for special investigations) of the military police, in conjunction with southern command and Israel Police.

The case is being released for the first time today, is still in the midst of the investigation, when activity of the unit’s deep undercover agent helped uncover drug deals
The southern border. Investigating the case divided into two main stages: the stage of the covert investigation began to work a few months ago and overt investigation brought two weeks ago, suspected of being involved in it.

Fill unit, in collaboration with the southern command, reached some.
Permanent officials, who passed information about gaps in border ambushes planned Bedouin citizen who passed information to an Egyptian Bedouin citizens. The soldiers involved in the incident were arrested and India in particular. Military officials said all assistance for runaway suspects received a substantial sum of money.

Deep, Commander Lieutenant Colonel Gil, said today the investigation: “covert operations conducted with Israel Police shield and came to us information on soldiers who helped smuggling.
Activated ימל”ם agent and seized drugs of type heroin, cannabis and ecstasy pills worth $ 800,000. In addition captured a drug aslik in the spare. The soldiers were arrested, interrogated and India. ” “South OC and sector commanders instruct us to act to reduce the smuggling operations. Lieutenant Colonel Gil noted that “construction between Egypt and Israel is perfect these days, and thus diminish the smuggling”.

A check revealed the smuggling and drug trafficking at the border Egypt

The right deal in a professional and serious crime with sophistication and considered cutting edge in fighting crime. This is a police intelligence unit engaged in gathering information about violations of and trade in firearms and weapons, and drug trafficking etc.

During years of severe crimes unit uncovered the smuggling of drugs and weapons
By IDF soldiers and aorvatm on other felonies. The unit becomes
Using sophisticated technologies and advanced.

IDF, by the military police and officers will continue to take a tough hand against any phenomenon of abuse and drug trafficking among his servants.

Translated from Hebrew