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צילום אילוסטרציה: דובר צה”ל

Even when the sea looks quiet, random control know that danger can arise at any moment – and they should be ready to deal with any incident. Following the “Cliff”: Beck practice additional scenarios

תאריך: 18/05/2015, 11:05    
מחבר: רתם קליגר, אתר צה”ל

חיל הים

A fishing boat sailing in the end zone and territorial waters of the Gaza Strip.
The hook is sent into the water, the sea and everything seems normal. It is now a matter of seconds.
Whether in the naval control (k) in the post will control two divers who slip into the water and swim rapidly towards the coast of Ashdod?

This is just one scenario among many situations the same female Beck on a weekly basis–and some even implement what they have learned in real events. We have localizers also underwater divers “, reveals the school Commander to control the sea wing training base of Captain guy. “However, the buck always targeted, and soldiering in post ready for any scenario.”

Anyone who has experienced similar event in Sarah’s CPL. Noa Teitel, who revealed that terrorists plunged and penetrated Israel territory in the area of pesticides during “Cliff”. Today, it serves as an instructor in course title corporal of Beck, where she talks about the next generation. “I
Don’t sell anything that is not real, “she says. “My training numbered ATEN asteroids are often similar to events that happened in reality. When told about the cliff with them ‘ soldiering understand the significance of the role they are going to do. Change of opinion only enlisted about this amazing accomplishment for me. “

Many scenarios have been added to the training Beck following “Cliff”. “The course they are alive and well, both in terms of current intelligence depending on the different sectors and shibozen according to the needs in the various skirmishes, sharpens captain. “Whoever will be in pounds have to realize a hostile terrorist activity could surprise us once the watch her and her responsibility to stay alert.”

“Examining Committee recently moved all the outposts and examined the operational qualification of Beck, Commander of the regional command (s) major, summer
Marzook. “Every sector examiners gave a list of possible scenarios which have post
To respond. “

Translated from Hebrew