A computerized system will allow monitoring the level of discipline in the various units

Military police corps will soon be a computerized system that will provide updated information about the captains level of discipline in their units, including deserters reports summary
And criminal cases

תאריך: 10/06/2012, 15:38    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

Military police corps will in the near future a new computerized system installed in bases around the country, and provide information about the level of discipline units commanders
In their units. Besides access to report vaccinated, “published in each year and within the next month the army too, senior commanders of Colonel or above to view in the report challenge”.

“Challenge” report produced by one military police to median and summarize the data accumulated in military police information about IDF, among others, the data
Engaging in COP (discipline and transport), desertion, criminal cases, accidents and complaints. “Before the dialog appears as a booklet distributed officers are allowed access in the Israel Defense Forces, told head תוה”ם (Torah, training and information) in mcamch, Lt.-Col. avichai. Former Chief of staff, Lieutenant General (Res.) Gabi Ashkenazi, was long the leading unit commanders to provide praise and even used to rebuke the commanders placed at the bottom of the unit.

The computerized system that can access is the B MK.i (“business intelligence” in Hebrew). “Instead, they report spread of IDF commanders to access data on the network and manage and control the level of discipline in the unit”, said Lieutenant Colonel a. The system allows data analysis on the individual soldier level, allows segmentation according to types of offences and time ranges. “The system allows commanders to conduct questioning – you can drop down to company resolutions and identify problematic periods,” explained Lieutenant Colonel a.

Allow system access to authorized users a rank of Colonel and above, and to the Force Commander miopi. In General, about the amount of hundreds of officers. “This action tool for commanders. Each control can enhance their discipline in every way in his unit, a Lieutenant Colonel. According to תוה”ם head pilot program in progress and enthusiasm of IDF commanders looked from one end to the other. “This is a significant leap past experience teaches us that officers who perform using information affect the level of discipline iachidtam and improve it,” said a Lieutenant Colonel.

Translated from Hebrew