A detective asking-we answer

צילום: דובר צה”ל

Youngsters will join in November presented us with questions in preparation for the draft and the commanders in the field answer || “It is time to understand in a nutshell what it really is to be a warrior.”

תאריך: 18/11/2015, 12:00    
מחבר: נועה וולמן, אתר צה”ל

This month to enlist for combat forces hundreds of people and young teen girls from all over the country. Just before the change will happen in life they shared us with questions and we have collected the answers.

Which combat roles women can get And indwelling warriors?

To Prep the fighters all come from women who volunteered for combat service, for a period of two weeks prior to the beginning of boot camp with mixed. Program they recognize each other, practice and improve physical fitness while dealing with stressful situations, in order to prepare them for combat service. “There are girls who come to freshman orientation when they don’t know they work. This is exactly the time to understand in a nutshell what you’re going to for the service, “explained at battalion headquarters the Jordan emblem heart Lipovsky. “This is a time-intensive walking a lot and begin to fall in love with him.

A detective asking-we answer

Which roles exist in the tank and how each contributes to it?

Tank crew consists of four fighters: tank commander, driver, gunner and charger. The tank commander is directly across from the control class or Division and Coordinator all the tank. The driver drives a vehicle position on the floor. Load the cannon shells and other weapons systems, and gunner in charge. Each of the roles is necessary and important to perform various tasks.

A detective asking-we answer

I will join the infantry, weapons and parts I can get boot camp?

All infantry Warrior gets boot phase פק”ל (permanent command soldier) who will accompany him until the end of his military service. The commanders and officers try to adapt to match the soldiers they Peck, since they use from now on for all training and real-time departure.

The weapon that the soldiers will live:
1. scope and scenes: the role of the sling is to be attached to the power assistance and accurate shooting and targets.
2. Negev light machine gun: the Negev weighs about seven pounds, so you can run and still make massive gunfire.
3. Maj mid: Sling which weighs almost 11 pounds and allows massive firepower.
4. tool: tube is a tool that attaches to the rifle and shoots grenades to a distance of 250 meters.
5.-Matador missile or not: this is a small rocket with a length of the anti-tank and ibexes.

The Warriors are found at the beginning of boot camp to go on a course, will complement the controls usually ties or links controls. Squad leader leads four fighters little exercises class, specifies the millimeter paratroopers Menashe trust. “The connection is used as a pair of iron Company Commander, platoon sergeant or commander. These should be soldiers their command abilities are very prominent.

A detective asking-we answer

Of marine cruises attracted more. And where the old warriors.

Marine fighters sailed for periods of consecutive days in order to maintain the country’s borders. During training and operational missions, the fighters are absolute beach-disconnect the phones off and contact with the Mainland is using radios outside the Judas.

For the rooms, there are also old days are not going to sail, in order to accustom his body to the rolling waves and to be on alert. “The crew is a family of warriors who are there for each other, and together those experiences,” added Captain Rotem Chief Deborah Bull. “It helps to deal with the break from the beach.

A detective asking-we answer

If additional capabilities to teach in training in the regular swing of the HFC?

In the regular swing in addition to live-search and rescue skills and specialize in handling either אב”ך (Atomic, biological, chemical). Extraction techniques are divided into four categories of fighters rule tmktsaim: using locate trapped or cameras, x-ray machines, vibrations of trapped light techniques and generators, and drilling tool like hammers and saws, and drawing tools and lifting. In addition to study to assess the extent of the destruction and face dilemmas.

As for dealing with אב”ך, the Warriors can be divided into three groups: discovery and detection training whose aim is to identify the type of surface decontamination, whose purpose is to clear the area, and threat and people designed it to keep people from the contaminated area and clear them of it. All specializing in Warrior one of three disciplines, so that once the true fighters can cooperatively operate non-conventional event, like a missile, from beginning to end.

A detective asking-we answer

-Soldier can maintain a vegan diet and still get all the major food groups

All kitchen and armoury provides a special vegan food to soldiers, and enriching the food with different types of legumes: lentils, quinoa, beans, etc. These legumes contain protein, and also accepts them soldier varied fruit and vegetables containing vitamins and minerals. In addition to getting the soldier complex carbohydrates such as pasta, rice and bulgur.

The soldier’s commanders, together with ת”ש (terms of service), accompany him and make sure he’s 7. However, the soldier’s duty to prove that he is a vegan by filing documents with the approval of the city officer, dietitian and visit of a bag unit.

A detective asking-we answer

Is the unified commanders to combat troops and units? And if any soldier can go?

In the course of a combat infantry commanders and special units commanders; Tyre, cherry, walnut, and cherry. Other commanders courses are of different professions, i.e.-in tank commanders commanding shizafon (armor), and a starter gun controls will be commanding shibeta (Gunnery School).
As a soldier you want and find him the skills required, can go to the various courses depending on the needs of the army and after of its controls.

A detective asking-we answer

Is being gay can prevent me from reaching a particular role?

The IDF is not referring to sexual orientation as a factor affecting in any field. This does not affect the setting so that all doors are open according to the candidate’s skills and abilities to the service confidence (of). In addition, a soldier or not of asked about sexual tendencies in any frame or, if he chooses to share it? it doesn’t record documents.

Translated from Hebrew