A glimpse of the manned aircraft squadrons of the air force.

How do I start a fresh independent squadrons manned? Joined the test flight of second lieutenant, before officially empowered

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מחבר: שיר אהרון ברם, אתר חיל האוויר

After completing the course operators of unmanned aerial vehicles, adult shtbzzo Mel squadrons. Nowadays they continue in training and training before they become operational, operators control the simulated intelligence and join the infantry forces missions, joined one of the graduates, second lieutenant to Squadron “Mel” and “plane test mission trail.”

“In a few minutes ready for flight. Ruth, “says about major, Deputy Commander of the squadron. The concise statement in the front row of which reflect the complexity of the job control which triggers the aircraft models. Second Lieutenant r., running fresh drones who finish the training course just ten days ago, already showing his dominance and his abilities.

Inside the car, passing second lieutenant r. thoroughly to all instructions and essential checks before the plane mirror, proves he swims. Computer screens in front of him are shown various maps, including charting the route of ground, the different scenes.
Weather and land settlements Israel map.

After taking ends successfully, see the flight using a joystick-like, except that here we are not talking about the game. Through the camera, located at the rear of the Mel, can follow closely follows the progress of Heron, while it appears as a tiny dot on the map in computer monitors. Without any doubt, we can say that the illegal activity is staffed in the IAF and gaining in importance, and the sky.
Is the limit.

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