A military court sentenced 54 consecutive on Ibrahim Hamed

איברהים חאמד

Hamed, former head of the military wing of Hamas in Judea, convicted for the bombings to the lives of 46 Israelis.

תאריך: 01/07/2012, 16:07    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

The military court in Ofer imposed today (Mon) to Ibrahim Hamed 54 consecutive.

Remember, Hamed, who served as head of the military wing of Hamas in Judea and Samaria, was convicted last week, responsible for numerous suicide bombings that led to the deaths of 45 Israelis and injuring more than 400.

Hamed was convicted of involvement in bomb attacks in the first line of the second intifada, including major attacks ב”שפילד Club in Rishon Letzion and at Cafe, in the Ben Yehuda pedestrian mall and Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He also condemned Hamad responsibly.
Six terrorist acts who failed to find work, including planned attacks in my mouth and rolls railways.

Translated from Hebrew